What is a Door Token? Coming Soon End of November 2021 Check Out the Following

Rancakmedia.com – Do you already know what a door token is? The Pintu crypto exchange will officially launch the Pintu token (PTU) at the end of November 2021 and this article discusses getting to know more about the Pintu token.

What are the benefits? Investing in crypto assets in Indonesia is currently an investment instrument that attracts the public's attention, starting to provide benefits in investing, to various crypto asset projects based on blockchain technology whose presence is able to provide various benefits for many parties, resulting in the emergence of crypto asset projects that people have always been waiting for. .

Seeing the development of the crypto project, the first mobile-based crypto asset investment service platform in Indonesia, namely PINTU, at the end of November 2021 plans to add one more crypto asset which has an excellent long-term development roadmap and is believed to be able to provide many benefits for PINTU application users, namely Token. Pintu (PTU)," said Jeth Soetoyo, Founder and CEO of Pintu (PT Pintu Anywhere), Tuesday (11/16). /2021).

PTU is the main token in the DOOR ecosystem. PTU is a crypto asset investment token that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem and uses the ERC-20 standard with a maximum total supply of 300 million tokens in circulation.

Door Tokens Coming Soon Late November 2021

PTU is designed to support the growth of the PINTU ecosystem and community and provide many benefits.

PTU offers many advantages that can be utilized, among others; get a bonus from the referral program, get a quota to send crypto assets through the blockchain supported by PINTU for free or the gas fee is borne by PINTU.

Apart from that, PTU holders will also get top priority for the airdrop program and also get various special bonuses from campaigns held by the PINTU application. Lastly, there will be a PTU Token staking feature and many other benefits. All of the above benefits will be present in 2022.

For those who are interested in owning a PTU immediately, to be able to invest in PTU in the early stages of launching at the end of November 2021, PTU will be transacted through the PINTU application and also Bybit.

In the future, PTU is also planned to be available on other exchanges. At the PTU launch stage, the PINTU application will distribute free airdrops which will be distributed from November 25 to November 30 2021, where every PINTU user who has transacted on the PINTU application until November 21 will get one PTU each which will automatically enter. to the PINTU user's wallet.

"The presence of PTU in Indonesian society can increase investment choices in crypto assets and can increase the interest of retail investors in Indonesia and further open the door to open financing with the PINTU application," said Jeth again.

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