List of Bappebti's Crypto Assets for 2020 and Shiba Inu Not Yet Registered – Shiba Inu seems to have been removed from the list of crypto assets of Bappebti in accordance with Bappebti regulation 7 of 2020. According to Commodity Futures Trading Commission Regulation 7 of 2020, 229 crypto assets have been officially registered.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and Dogecoin are just a few of them. On December 7, 2020, this regulation comes into force. The Shiba Inu is not included in the Bappebti's list of crypto assets, even though it is listed on a number of crypto trading sites.

Among them is Indodax which plans to list SHIB in June 2021. SHIB can also be bought and sold through Tokocrypto starting May 2021, as well as through My Account, which recently registered SHIB on October 21, 2021.

Shiba Inu, on the other hand, is allegedly still in the process of registering as a legitimate crypto asset at Bappebti.

The following is a List of Crypto Assets that are Legal and Registered at Bappebti According to CoFTRA Regulation Number 7 of 2020:

Following are 229 crypto assets that are legal and registered with Bappebti according to Bappebti regulation number 7 of 2020

      • BITCOINS
      • ETHEREUM
      • TETHER
      • XRP/RIPPLE
      • POLKA DOT
      • BITCOINS SV.
      • USD COINS
      • EOS
      • TRON
      • CARDANO
      • TEZOS
      • STELLAR
      • NEO
      • NEM
      • COSMOS
      • IOTA
      • VECHAIN
      • DASH
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