How to Buy Cryptocurrency Safely and Avoid Scams – The latest crypto news, how to buy cryptocurrency safely, and how to prevent scams and the latest crypto news that is quite popular today, first hit the headlines in 2017.

The latest crypto news of 2017 features an amazing upgrade. Many cryptocurrencies have been created up to now, in 2021. Here are the latest cryptocurrency news and guides for buying popular cryptocurrencies that have been widely accepted.

When it comes to news crypto most recently, Bitcoin, as one of the pioneers of crypto assets, will no doubt be mentioned. Of course, the most valuable crypto asset is Bitcoin, or BTC, the world's most valuable digital currency by market cap.

Currently, the Bitcoin price has reached IDR 906,862,177.43, making it the most valuable crypto asset. Indeed, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the top two cryptocurrencies, with the latter hitting record highs, indicating a larger absolute price increase.

However, the latest cryptocurrency news that netizens are eager to hear is regarding the halal and haram status of this single asset. The reason is that the MUI has reportedly said that crypto assets are illegal. Why Someone Invests in Cryptocurrency_

There is no doubt that digital currencies, like cryptocurrencies, are a subject of interest to a large number of individual and institutional investors, as well as buyers and sellers.

The following are some of the most popular reasons individuals invest in digital currencies and cryptocurrencies, including how to buy Bitcoins.

Why Would Someone Invest in Cryptocurrency?

It goes without saying that everyone invests for a variety of reasons, most of them revolving around a desire to earn.

However, there are more reasons for buyers and sellers, as well as investors, to enter the cryptocurrency market. Some of the most frequently cited reasons include the following:

1. Portfolio Diversification

“Never put all your eggs in one basket” is a saying that holds true in the investing world. In terms of diversification, there are several possible techniques; it's like if one basket falls and another basket holds your eggs.

Supplementing your investment portfolio with cryptocurrencies is one method of doing so.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that this business is very different from conventional investing and can significantly increase the growth potential of your portfolio.

While the cryptocurrency market has entered a bear market and prices are declining, the extreme volatility and huge profit potential of up to 100% continues to be the main reason many investors buy cryptocurrencies.

2. Make Cryptocurrency Purchases Easier

Whether you're interested in buying Bitcoin, Ether, Shiba Inu, or any other cryptocurrency, the process is now simpler than ever.

Naturally, as prices grew and cryptocurrencies gained popularity and popular demand, businesses started providing a number of services that provided quick and easy access to the market.

As a result, you can now buy cryptocurrencies using a credit card, debit card, gift card, or even cash at a real Bitcoin ATM or e-money kiosk.

However, one should be wary of cryptocurrency exchanges charging commissions and transaction fees, which can vary significantly, especially when paying by credit or debit card.

3. Most Popular Cryptocurrency

Besides Bitcoin, which cryptocurrency is the most popular? To be sure, there are currently hundreds of cryptocurrencies whose market capitalization fluctuates daily. Shiba Inu is now the most popular cryptocurrency; its popularity on Twitter outperforms all other cryptocurrencies.

However, in the latest crypto news, one should pay attention to the resilience of popular cryptocurrencies. Crypto assets that have demonstrated durability are more secure, and it can be claimed that the leading digital currency by market capitalization is also the most popular.

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