Get to know Cryptocurrency Pikachu Inu See More – In the following, this article will discuss Cryptocurrency Pikachu Inu, the First Dog Pokémon on the ETH Blockchain. This Pokémon's dog is a Samoyed in a Pikachu suit.

What Are Pikachu Inu Tokens

Cryptocurrency Pikachu Inu

Cryptocurrency Pikachu Inu is the first Pokémon Dog on the ETH Blockchain. This Pokémon dog is a Samoyed in a Pikachu costume. With very fast development features and the ability to launch new utilities every day.

By providing comprehensive utility and tokenomics, Pikachu Inu Token intends to transform the cryptocurrency ecosystem in which it is used.

Cryptocurrency Pikachu Inu has created DEX – PikaSwap (Decentralized Exchange), Charting System – PikaTools which utilizes ultra-fast node servers, providing updated information in real time. More utilities, collaborations, and lists will be rolling out in the coming months.

Features of Pikachu Inu Tokens


A Decentralized Exchange that makes it easy for newcomers to buy PIKACHU using multiple wallets, with future enhancements including buying PIKACHU directly from third parties using multiple forms of payment.


PikaDash gives control to holders, allowing them to check their current holding status, the number of tokens they earn through our substantial Passive Income scheme and more.


A revolutionary new method to not only check the current PIKACHU price, but also a way to traverse the ETH ecosystem by checking charts, recent transactions, and more.


Many NFT systems lack the user-friendly experience that comes with monetization skills. Holders will be able to create, create and list their NFTs on the PikaNFT platform while also exploring other NFT initiatives.


We've never seen an Anime coin with as many uses as we have now, thanks to the meteoric rise of the token market. This is where Pikachu Inu comes in. The cryptocurrency will reward all holders, but also guarantee that they are community driven through marketing revenue.


  • To reward all PIKACHU holders, we are distributing 2%
    of each transaction to all holders.
  • There is an initial burn of 50% of the total supply.


  • The PIKAINU team maintains 5% from all purchase transactions and
    sales, automatically adds it to Marketing and

auto LP

  • 3% from each transaction is automatically added to the Pool of
    Liquidity, enabling a strong token base.

Swap Pika

A decentralized exchange that makes it easy for newcomers to buy Pikachu Inu using multiple wallets, with future advancements including buying PIKACHU directly from third parties using various forms of payment.

You can see not only recently posted Anime tokens, but also Top Gainers in the previous 15 minutes, 1 hour and 24 hours, giving you the advantage of being the first to invest in newly listed Anime tokens.

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