PDX Coin Develops Crypto-To-Fiat Banking Applications

Rancakmedia.com – PDX Coin stated today that they are developing a new global digital crypto-to-fiat banking application for the crypto economy that will offer broad retail crypto-to-fiat payment capabilities.

The bank-friendly, high-speed payment network offers a contemporary alternative to the 70-year-old conventional bank payment systems that have hit retailers with excessive fees, long floating periods, and fraud risks.

PDX Coin is now conducting its first pre-sale of its native currency tokens via cryptocurrency exchange P2PB2B.io. Between the first and fourteenth of December in 2021, the exchange will conduct its first token sale.

As all major digital currencies will be instantly available for withdrawal and spending in the new PDX Coin payment processing architecture and application, it will be easier for the crypto economy to open up to global institutions, traders and other ecosystem partners.

The easy-to-use software will allow daily purchases using all major cryptocurrencies. PDX aims for at least 250 million downloads worldwide by the end of the decade as widespread use of cryptocurrencies continues to grow.

PDX Coin Develops Banking Applications

“We are not 20-somethings wearing coded hoodies in the back room. We are a group of highly experienced finance professionals determined to develop a well-financed crypto-to-fiat payment and digital banking network where digital tokens are also partly backed by actual assets,” said Shane Rodgers, CEO, PDX Coin and its Singaporean firm . based parent, PDX Global Pte. Ltd.

“It is time to finally use cryptocurrencies and blockchain to disrupt the old global banking system and offer a whole new global banking capability that is completely inclusive and available to everyone.”

Further, “we think that the US government in particular will offer a regulatory architecture for 'wild west' regulatory control and sustainable development to platforms like ours to handle transactions that are smooth, frictionless, secure, and low cost,” said Rodgers.

For retail consumers, PDX will offer the best crypto and blockchain based wallet to invest, store, spend, earn, lend, borrow and get paid in crypto assets. Unlike PDX, most other crypto-based payment initiatives are built on top of traditional financial infrastructure such as crypto wallets.

While the current system extorts retailers for high fees from certain banks and other intermediaries, PDX Coin is a near-instant peer-to-peer (P2P) network with no fees for intermediaries. Traders will also benefit from providing fast money transfers in their preferred fiat currency, with no floating times.

With full-service digital banking capabilities and state-of-the-art trading and depository technology, PDX will also offer a one-stop shop for hedge funds, money managers, companies and people to access the crypto market.

The $700+ billion global expatriate remittance sector has the potential to be disrupted by payment apps. According to World Bank figures, since 2009, global cross-border payments have jumped by more than 60 percent.

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