Airdrop Gives Free Crypto Read More – There are various techniques novice traders can use to receive crypto assets for free, one of which is through an Airdrop.

The Airdrop process in general is where the company will provide Crypto for free or with set limits.

However, is the crypto airdrop program safe? Here's an explanation

What are Crypto Airdrops?

Crypto Airdrops are a marketing method often used by blockchain-based companies to help bootstrap certain crypto asset projects. The goal is to create awareness about the cryptocurrency project and persuade traders to invest in it when the asset is posted on an exchange as an initial coin offering (ICO).

Some companies usually provide airdrops for free, but not a few also provide participants with a number of criteria. For example, companies may only ask participants to submit their names and email addresses. However, there are also those that require participants to store a certain number of coins or crypto tokens in their wallets.

Not only that, there are also companies that require participants to perform a number of tasks, such as writing a blog about a particular crypto asset on social media platforms, urging others to get involved in campaigns launched by the company, and many other interesting tasks. Airdrop Gives Free Crypto

Crypto Airdrop, Is It Safe?

Before determining whether a crypto airdrop program is safe or not, it is very important to do extensive research. The reason is, there are not a few fraudulent operations under the pretext of a 'crypto airdrop scheme'. Instead of giving away free crypto assets, these scammers steal important information, such as user identities, private keys, and more.

Things to consider before joining the Crypto Airdrop program

Launching Zipmex, here are things to consider before participating in the crypto airdrop program.

Never give access to your private key to anyone.

Find out as much information as possible about the crypto airdrop program you will be participating in, including who is the organizer behind the program.

Investigate the professionalism and history of the airdrop hosting company.

Be wary of airdrop programs that require paying a certain amount of money up front or that ask to send you an account password.

Knowing Unsafe Crypto Airdrop

Here are some of the most popular types of crypto airdrop scams that crypto investors or traders often encounter.

Private Key

Private keys are one of the airdrop fraud operations to avoid. This strategy is done to trick investors or traders into giving them the private key for the wallet.

Usually, in an airdrop delivery, the company or source providing crypto assets will ask for the public key.

The public key is the key that you can give to other users in initiating transactions to send crypto assets. Meanwhile, the private key is the key in charge of guarding and safeguarding all the secrets of your wallet. So, it is necessary not to give private key to anyone.

Providing the private key to others opens up options for the wallet to be hacked by irresponsible parties.

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