The Difference between Stocks and Crypto, Here's the Explanation – So, did you know about the difference between stocks and crypto beforehand? For those of you who are still learning, you must still sound foreign to the word crypto, maybe what you often hear is only related to stock trading and FX.

Lately there has been a very good trading investment and it is highly recommended for those of you who want to invest in Crypto. So, what's the difference between stocks and Crypto? Aren't they both investment tools?

What Are Stocks and What Is Crypto?

Stock is an investment tool in the form of a symbol of business ownership. Well, in this case the capital market, especially the Indonesia Stock Exchange, can buy and sell shares (IDX). You can create a Customer Fund Account (RDN) for one of the selected securities companies for those who want to invest/trade stocks.

Can trade shares according to trading hours on the broker's site. So what is Crypto?

What is Stock_ What is Crypto_

Must understand it first before jumping into trying this Crypto investment, especially for those who are new to crypto. Crypto is an investment made in the form of digital money that is exchanged over the internet, or often known as cryptocurrency.

Crypto assets can include bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. This crypto is overseen by the Indonesian Futures Trading Agency (Bappebti).

The Difference Between Stocks and Crypto You Should Know

Although both are used for investment, there are fundamental differences between stocks and Crypto, including:

View from the side of the instrument

As previously stated, the instruments used are the fundamental difference between stocks and Crypto. In this case, business shares are instruments that are used in the stock market whereas digital currencies like bitcoin are instruments that are exchanged in the Crypto market.

Seen From Trading Hours

Surely you already know the hours of stock trading on the stock exchange for stock investors. This exchange is exclusive during stock trading hours, namely from 09:00 WIB – 16:00 WIB from Monday to Friday.

While hours Crypto trading unlimited 24 hours x 7 days. So it doesn't matter if it's a holiday or a red day today in the crypto market. Can trade anywhere and anytime investing in Crypto.

Regarding Volatility and Risk Level

In fact, stock investment, especially fried stocks, is very volatile and high risk. Well, as big as this stock market risk is, the stock market may be more stable and less volatile than the Crypto market. Why is it? Because the gains in crypto are very significant. Well, this crypto is very risky with these huge returns.


The following is a question and answer session about the article above.

Does Crypto Include Investment?

Apart from being a transaction tool, Crypto is an investment option that is very popular with the general public. Ease of settlement and promising high yields attract investors, especially millennials and Gen Z, to this digital currency.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Crypto?

The first disadvantage or weakness of cryptocurrencies is the potential for legal violations. This is due to regulations in several countries which prohibit the existence of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Libra for transactions. These regulations or rules also apply in Indonesia.

What Crypto Tax Rates?

The calculated tax rate is 1% of the VAT rate multiplied by the value of the crypto asset transaction if you do it on a crypto trading platform registered with CoFTRA. Transactions outside the Bappebti registered platform are subject to a VAT rate of 2% multiplied by the transaction value.

What is the Purpose of Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies aim to become one of the world's premier mediums of exchange, but they are not quite there yet. Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, which are a medium of exchange, are still experiencing ups and downs. At their core, their goal is to be a safe and digital virtual currency.


Crypto is an investment made in the form of digital money that is exchanged over the internet, or often known as cryptocurrency. Crypto assets can include bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. In Indonesia, the stock market, particularly the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX), can buy and sell shares.

Crypto trading is conducted exclusively during stock trading hours, which is from 09:00 WIB – 16:00 GMT Monday to Friday. This crypto is supervised by the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti). In this case, business shares are instruments used in the stock market while digital currencies such as bitcoin are exchanged in the Crypto market.

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