How to Download Crypto Kitty Game for Android – Crypto Kitties is an online game based on Ethereum, if you want to download it and don't know how to play it, please read the information we have provided below.

Using the non-fungible token (NFT) ERC-721, players in this pay-to-earn crypto-generating game can buy and sell virtual cat assets.

The value of cryptocurrencies is now soaring. People are investing in this digital currency, which is not too surprising as its value continues to rise.

Nowadays, you can even mine crypto by playing games like CryptoKitties. The game is built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain with an ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT) structure.

If you're wondering, check out the explanation and download link for CryptoKitties APK below! The price is cheap and the enjoyment is guaranteed!

About Crypto Kitty Game

CryptoKitties is a cryptocurrency generating game created by developer Axiom Zen. Virtual cats with unique characteristics can be collected and bred in this game.

About Crypto Kitty Game

According to the developer, the game first used the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain network when it was introduced in 2017. From here also emerged additional games that have a similar theme.

CryptoKitties might also remind you of the game Axie Infinity which is no less popular today. In this game, you have to collect cats that are listed as non-fungible tokens (NFT) (NFT).

Because it is an NFT asset, every cat in CryptoKitties is the exclusive property of the player. There is only one for each cat, and it cannot be replaced, stolen, or destroyed.

Again, you can even breed your virtual cat. However, you must have a sire (a male cat) and a dame (a female cat) to create a new cat that is unique and unusual.

The 256-bit genomes of both parents will determine the characteristics of future kittens. More than 4 billion genetic variants can be produced by a single mating cat.

Not only that, CryptoKitties also offers more than 100 Founder Kitties. Every 15 minutes, a new Gen 0 cat is created and sold for the average price of the last five cats sold, plus a 50% discount.

Until players buy this virtual cat, the price will drop by half every day for the next 24 hours. You can also hold an ETH cat auction and set a starting price and the price at which the auction ends.

Want to easily breed virtual cats and sell them for abundant ETH coins? If so, simply download the CryptoKitties APK from the link below!

How to Register Crypto Kitty Game

Actually, you can play CryptoKitties without downloading it to your phone because it is available online. You need to register a CryptoKitties account first to start playing. This is how it's done!

How to Register Crypto Kitty Game

On the Create Account screen, provide an active email address and a nickname that will be used. Click Continue. You will see the MetaMask window open. FYI, MetaMask is a virtual wallet required to transact on CryptoKitties. To return to your CryptoKitties account, click Sign In.

How to Play CryptoKitties APK

Carrying play-to-earn gameplay, CryptoKitties has become one of the most popular digital money-making games, especially for crypto asset owners, which is currently on the rise.

Besides promising because it is based on the Ethereum currency, CryptoKitties also has a fun gameplay and can be played on an Android smartphone or PC. Then, how to play and buy CryptoKitties?

How to Play CryptoKitties Game

In the midst of crypto assets that continue to increase, CryptoKittes is becoming a much-loved game for making digital money.

Apart from Ethereum based possibilities, CryptoKittirs also has other fun games that can be played on all platforms.

Without further ado, here are instructions on how to play the CryptoKitties game that you can follow!

  1. First, you need to get Ethereum (ETH).
  2. CoinBase or exchange can be used to make purchases of coins you already own.
  3. Installing MetaMask
  4. Click “Marketplace” at the top of the CrypstoKitties page. (Please note that there are 140K individual CryptoKitties with varying prices).
  5. Click on the 'Kitten' image you selected > Click 'Buy Now' to buy a virtual kitten.
  6. The next step is to double-check your purchase.
  7. 'OK, Buy This Kitty' will appear.
  8. Wait for the MetaMask pop-up to appear, complete with transaction and fee data.
  9. Click 'Confirm' to confirm your purchase.
  10. Done.
  11. You just bought CyptoKitty!

Transactions on the Ethereum blockchain may take up to several minutes to complete. Once done, MetaMask will show you your CryptoKitties Token.

Check out the steps below on how to play the game CryptoKitties so you can start earning the most valuable cryptocurrency right now. This can be useful!

How to Make Money in Crypto Kitty Game

How to Profit From CryptoKitties Games So, how can you make money on CryptoKitties? As simple as that! you only need to have Dame, aka a female cat, and Siri, aka a male cat, to mate and produce a new cat.

How to Make Money in Crypto Kitty Game

Marriage can only be done if you have Dame, because this female cat will take care of the offspring. In addition, a master is required, which can be found in the siring menu.

If you have a new cat, you can either raise it or sell it using the Marketplace option. As with appearance and rarity, cat prices fluctuate.

Meanwhile, the lowest price for CryptoKitties starts at 0.001ETH and the most expensive price for CryptoKitty reaches 999ETH or the equivalent of 999 thousand US dollars. Fantastic!

Crypto Kitty Game Features

Besides being able to make ETH currency, CryptoKitties includes several interesting features that will make you feel at home playing this game. The following is a list of what you might expect from CryptoKitties.

Buy and Sell Kittens

To most people, this ETH digital money-making game may seem ordinary. But, wait until you find the price of the most expensive pet in this game.

ETH is now worth 64 million rupiah, while the MegaFlowtron cat codenamed Kitty 303 Gen 0 is selling for 250 ETH (ethereum token). Aren't they cheap?

This is why many people are attracted to the hobby of collecting cats. When the kitten is being sold, you can buy it cheap and resell it for a profit.

Breeding Kittens

You can only breed kittens if you have a mother or female cat who can raise kittens. Meanwhile, if you have a male or male cat, you need siring services.

If you want to use Siring's service and pay for it, please read the instructions below!

Start typing in the search box. Select Siring from the drop-down menu. Once you find it, click the “Breed Now” button to start the breeding process.

In addition, there is such a thing as generation, such as Gen 0, Gen 1, and so on. The lower the generation, the higher the selling price and the price of siring services. When Dame Generation-0 is crossed with Sire Generation-0, the result is a new generation of CryptoKitty.

Another example, if Dame Generation-2 is combined with Sire Generation-4, it will produce CryptoKitty Generation-6. How? Interested in trying it?

Lots of Minigames

In addition to cats that you can buy or collect, the KittyVerse menu at CryptoKitties also has a number of fun minigames.

Here, you can play minigames against other players just like in multiplayer online games. It's true, you will qualify for a variety of cool prizes.

Pros and Cons of CryptoKitties APK

People love CryptoKitties for all the fun features they offer. But before you start playing it, you should first know the advantages and disadvantages of CryptoKitties, as follows!

  1. Pros of CryptoKitties:
    Safe to use
    Transact quickly and easily
    There are thousands of NFT asset options.
    Inspirational Ethereum based project
  2. Disadvantages of CryptoKitties:
    There is an additional charge for siring service.
    The value of NFT assets can decrease within 24 hours.

Pros and Cons of CryptoKitties APK

Well, that's the review and how to play CryptoKitties, the trending cryptocurrency-producing game right now. Investing in NFT assets has never been easier or more fun!


CryptoKitties is a cryptocurrency generating game created by developer Axiom Zen. Using the non-fungible token (NFT) ERC-721, players in this pay-to-earn crypto-generating game can buy and sell virtual cat assets.

CryptoKitties is one of the most popular digital money making games, especially for crypto asset owners, which is now on the rise.

The game can be played on an Android smartphone or PC without downloading an APK (pre-installed application on an Android device). The most expensive CryptoKitty reaches 999ETH, or the equivalent of 999 thousand US dollars in real-life currency.

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