How to Easily Buy Terra LUNA at TokoCrypto – Lots of old or new investors ask, how do you buy Terra LUNA at TokoCrypto? In the article below we will discuss it.

TokoCrypto is one of the Terra exchanges in Indonesia that has been legally registered with Bappebti. Transactions at crypto brokers are thus safe and fraud free.

Steps on how to buy and sell Terra Luna

Below will provide steps on how to buy Terra Luna at TokoCrypto, as follows:

Steps on how to buy and sell Terra Luna

1. Login to the TokoCrypto Application and Site

How to buy TerraLUNA The first is that you have to enter and log in to the TokoCrypto application or website to be able to buy and sell Terra. This application can be downloaded for free on the Google PlayStore. Signing in through the official site is also an option.

2. Open an account at TokoCrypto

The first prerequisite is registering and opening an account on the exchange. The method is quite easy. An account can only be opened when the required information has been entered and the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have been accepted.

You can use a mobile application or the internet to implement your application. You can get it from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Everything is done via the internet today. There are no paperwork to fill out, nor is there a requirement for wet signatures.

3. Perform KYC Verification

TokoCrypto KYC verification is required when the account has been opened. Without passing this verification, users cannot make transactions even though they have registered an account.

KYC verification is an important process to secure all participants in the exchange and ensure AML (Anti Money Laundering) laws are properly addressed.

Uploading identification pictures, filling in personal information, and taking selfies in casual and random motions are all part of the KYC verification process. KYC data will be processed which will take at least 1 business day.

The verification process often fails. When validating your identity, make sure you don't already have an account on an exchange, provide honest and correct information, and upload an image that matches the one on your ID card, just to name a few suggestions.

At the time of upload, the KTP must be original and clear. When taking pictures, make sure your face is clearly visible without wearing a hat or glasses.

When taking a selfie, make sure the face is centered in the frame so that the shot fits the subject's face. Users will also be asked to perform one of the gestures during live shooting.

When taking a picture make sure to hold down the gesture for 3 seconds, if it fails, please try again up to a maximum of 3 times, if successful, please select the finish button, and wait for confirmation in the email.

4. Deposit Money in TokoCrypto Account

For how to buy Terra LUNA at TokoCrypto, you must first complete the verification process and then make a deposit.

When using an exchange like TokoCrypto, you have the option of depositing using Rupiah or Terra.


Rupiah deposits are made to a predetermined account. This deposit is used to buy Terra.

The minimum deposit starts from IDR 30 thousand to IDR 50 thousand in general. However, there are also exchanges that ask for a minimum deposit of IDR 500,000.

Some of the deposit methods offered by exchanges are:

  1. Bank transfers (accounts & virtual accounts)
  2. E-wallets (OVO, GoPay, ShoppePay)
  3. Cash deposit at the office
  4. PPOB (Alfamart etc.)
  5. Credit Card, Debit Card (overseas exchange only)

Please study each method because some are free, some are subject to deposit fees. Some arrive automatically without the need to send proof of transfer, some have to send proof of transfer.

In my opinion, the most convenient way is to use a virtual account (VA) because the money arrives immediately and there is no need to send proof of transfer. However, deposits with VA are subject to a deposit fee (check the TokoCrypto fee exchange policy for more detailed information).

Terra LUNA, Crypto assets

You can also deposit in the form of coins, it can be Terra, Ethereum and other types of coins. In each exchange there is a list of coins that are accepted as a deposit.

Terra deposits or cryptocurrencies can be used to buy other cryptos. Choose the appropriate cryptocurrency pair.

In fact, how to deposit with crypto assets is the easiest, fastest and cheapest, compared to rupiah or US$.

The exchange will issue a wallet 'address'. This address is used to send coins from other exchanges.

The fee is also cheaper than the cost of transferring money through a bank. For coins, exchanges set a minimum deposit that is accepted differently, depending on the type of coin.

5. Seeing, Choosing a Pair of Terra LUNA Assets

On TokoCrypto, we may find a list of crypto assets, and Terra must be one of them. We need to know that Terra's currency is called LUNA.

In order to start trading, the user must first select the pair or set of pairs he wants to work with. Terra is often traded against Rupiah or USDT.

This pair is equal to the price of one US dollar in Indonesian rupiah when buying foreign currency, USD to Rp. In addition, there are other additional pairs to consider.

A wide variety of crypto asset pairs or pairs are available on every exchange, including TokoCrypto. We must guarantee that the assets we plan to buy or sell are transacted on an exchange.

6. Order types at TokoCrypto

After everything is ready, it's time for us to place an order at TokoCrypto. In order to buy and sell, users must place an order on the stock exchange application or website.

TokoCrypto has various types of orders, and each of these order types has a fee associated with it. These costs must be understood first.

(a) Limits (Makers)

Users can place this type of order at a predetermined price rather than the market price at the time of purchase. So orders don't happen right away.

This is a buy position that triggers a limit order if placed at a lower cost than the current market price, and a sell position at a higher cost.

Pending orders will be added to the Buy/Sell order queue (Order Book) (Order Book). Members become Market Makers in this way.

This order type is called a 'builder' because it generates a new order. In contrast to taker orders that follow the current market price.

Only when the price rises to or approaches the price specified by the limit order will this order be filled. There will be no transactions if the price remains static at the quoted price.

TokoCrypto Exchange does not charge for this type of order creation. There are no fees associated with buying or selling.

(b) Market (Taker or Instant)

This type of order can be directly executed on the TokoCrypto exchange as it follows the current market price position. So if you place an order to buy, buy at the current market price, if you place an order to sell, sell at the current market price.

That's why this order is commonly referred to as a taker or quick order. It is called Instant because the order occurs instantly, but it is called a taker because it takes the existing price on the market and does not set a new price.

This type of order is charged by the exchange. The order fee is usually a certain percentage of the transaction amount, ranging from 0.1 percent to 0.3 percent .

(c) Order Books

The order book is a list of all orders currently on the exchange, sorted by price and quantity, as provided by the exchange to the application. Once an order is placed, it is no longer in the order book.

The order book has the advantage of showing market price movements and the extent of orders. Using the information in the order book, you can determine the appropriate price for the order so that it can be executed.

Not all exchanges provide order books. We have to verify directly in the TokoCrypto application, whether it supports order books or not.

7. Minimum Terra LUNA Transactions at TokoCrypto

Terra's minimum transaction volume is quite cheap. Generally in exchange under Rp. 100 thousand. We can Terra in relatively small numbers. Playing on Terra is an interesting experience.

To start with, you don't need to spend a lot of money.

8. Terra LUNA Trading Hours at TokoCrypto

Trading hours on cryptocurrency exchanges, such as TokoCrypto, are 24 hours 7 days a week. This means that Bitcoin investors can buy and sell at any time.

TokoCrypto is always open and never closes. Holidays for Cryptostores are not unheard of. As a result, TokoCrypto's stock market transactions are different from those on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Stock trading hours on the IDX are strictly regulated by the passage of time and days. Monday to Friday only, from 9.00 to 16.00.

1. Login to the TokoCrypto Application and Site

9. Buy and Sell Terra LUNA at TokoCrypto

Terra can be purchased through an easy process. Selecting the pair you want to buy or sell is the first step in the process.

Place an order by entering the price and amount of Terra you want to buy, then the appropriate amount of rupiah will appear. Identify yourself as a taker or creator by selecting an order type.

Crypto assets can also be used to make payments. Just choose the perfect partner.

If it's a takeer, the order will be executed immediately according to the prevailing market price. The size of Terra's holdings will quickly be updated and the Rupiah deposit will decrease according to the amount.

Producers have to wait until the price is right before placing an order. The order is in the order book, but has not been matched.

The process of selling Terra is the same as buying. It is only now, after successful execution, that the Rupiah deposit has grown and Terra's holdings have fallen.

10. Withdraw Money, Withdraw WD, Cashout Terra Luna

TokoCrypto Exchange allows users to withdraw rupiah to their own rupiah account. Submitting a withdrawal request within the app serves as the only step in this method.

TokoCrypto users can also remove their Terra from the system. Enter the wallet address where Terra will be sent.

It takes a few minutes to 1 x 24 hours for the rupiah withdrawal process. Since exchanges use banking networks to send money, the speed at which they are sent is also governed by the processes at the bank.

Withdrawals will be charged. Minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts in rupiah and crypto coins are also specified. Each exchange has a different withdrawal fee policy.

For rupiah withdrawals, some charge a fee in the form of a percentage of the withdrawal amount or a fixed fee regardless of the amount of withdrawals made. Meanwhile, for withdrawing crypto assets there is a flat fee paid from the coins transferred.

11. Transaction fees and commissions at TokoCrypto

Exchange charges a number of fees and costs in Terra transactions, namely:

  1. Buy and sell. Fees are calculated based on a percentage of the number of transactions
  2. Withdrawal. Fee for withdrawing money to a rupiah account. There is a percentage fee, there is a flat fee regardless of the amount of withdrawal
  3. Deposits. Fees for rupiah deposits to exchange accounts to be able to purchase assets
  4. Transfer. Assets owned can be transferred to other exchanges or to members of the same exchange

12. Save Terra LUNA in Wallet

Terra is probably stored in a wallet. The same as we keep money in the wallet. The wallet address will be sent to us. This address is used to send or receive Terra.

Either on TokoCrypto, where the wallet is controlled by the exchange, or on a separate wallet we can store Terra. Wallet security must be guaranteed because our assets are stored there.

The bigger Terra's holdings, the more attention should be paid to this wallet issue. The security of Terra's assets is safe for us.

13. Transaction Security at TokoCrypto

User identity is verified twice using TokoCrypto Exchange's 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) online security feature.

When logging in to an account on Exchange, after entering the user ID and password, the user will be asked to enter a special code provided via SMS or using Google Authenticator on the phone.

By using this method, you can be sure that every transaction has been reviewed and approved by the account holder. You not only have to know the user ID and password, but also have access to a smartphone, to be able to open an account.

14. Terra LUNA Trading Analysis Tool at TokoCrypto

For individuals who prefer to concentrate on trading, TokoCrypto offers a wide range of services, namely:

  1. Chart analysis to analyze prices technically, such as transaction history (orders and trades)
  2. Order Book which shows the current order position. This information is important for analyzing possible price movements
  3. Stop Loss. An important cut-loss feature to manage the risk of sharp price fluctuations
  4. Short-Selling. Can do short-sell when the market is down
  5. OCO, or “One Cancels the Other” for placing two orders at the same time, limit and stop-limit orders, which are useful for taking profits and minimizing potential losses

15. Transfer Terra LUNA

Terra members on TokoCrypto can be shared with other people on the exchange or transferred to other members on the same exchange.

All you have to do is fill in the address of the wallet you want to send from the exchange or write down the user ID to send it to the exchange. When transferring funds, the wallet address is used as a form of account number.

Terra blockchain transactions take 30 minutes, while other assets take 5-10 minutes. Given that international transactions are involved, this is a fast turnaround.

Every Terra shipment can be verified by checking block confirmation on the blockchain as well as the support chain. Each exchange has a separate minimum block confirmation threshold for confirming asset delivery.

Unlike deposits which are usually free, Terra crypto withdrawals will be charged. Terra crypto also has daily minimum and maximum withdrawal limits.


TokoCrypto is one of the Terra exchanges in Indonesia that has been legally registered with Bappebti. Transactions at crypto brokers are thus safe and fraud free.

In the article above, we have provided 15 steps that you can use to buy Terra Luna easily and quickly, which only takes 30 minutes.

Thus the article about How to Easily Buy Terra LUNA at TokoCrypto. Hopefully, the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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