How to Buy Solana (SOL) for Beginners – If you already know what Solana (SOL) is and are interested in buying Solana, here's how to buy Solana (SOL) for beginners.

When it first started in 2020, Solana (SOL) has enjoyed substantial growth into 2021 and is poised to continue its success into 2019.

In fact, some even claim that Solana has the power to challenge Ethereum which is now second to none other than Bitcoin itself.

The reasons why Solana has received so much acclaim, and whether or not it will live up to the hype, are priceless. Learn how to buy Solana coins easily and safely below.

Where to Buy Solana Coin (SOL)

If you are thinking about buying SOL coins, be sure to do it through an exchange that deals with digital money. Here are some examples of trading platforms crypto leading companies that allow you to buy and trade Solana:


It's easy to understand why eToro is one of the most recognized exchanges in the crypto industry.

You will be happy to know that Solana is one of the many digital coins supported by the platform (as well as other assets).

The success of eToro can be attributed to a number of factors. First, it's easy to get started and doesn't cost a fortune.

Its popularity is supported by the fact that it is safe and subject to FCA supervision. This exchange offers everything, including beginner friendliness.

As we can see from this point, eToro is an excellent site for many reasons. When looking for the best broker, it is worth considering this platform.

You can also use as an exchange to get a better deal on Solana.

Much like eToro, you'll find that provides access to a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and other markets to invest in, as well as FCA regulation and exceptional security.

You'll also get negative balance protection, competitive spreads, and lots of instructional tools to get you started.

However, it must be stressed that spread betting is only accessible to UK citizens. There are no hidden fees and great customer service only helping grow its audience further and attract all types of investors, young and old. is also an award-winning platform, using AI algorithms to provide a simpler and more profitable trading experience for its consumers. So, what's the catch?


While not usually the ideal choice for individuals just starting out in the crypto space, there are a number of characteristics that have helped Binance become a leading competitor in the industry.

Binance is widely considered to be one of the most flexible and attractive cryptocurrency exchanges, thanks to its user-friendly interface and extensive collection of advanced features and options.

Binance Coin, the company's proprietary cryptocurrency token, is just one of several alternatives available to users (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and of course, Solana).


Coinbase, the most popular trading platform for beginners, strives to make trading as easy as possible for all of its customers. You don't have to worry about the safety of your assets when using this exchange as it is usually considered a safe site to buy and sell crypto.

While it's not that fantastic if you don't have a Coinbase Pro subscription, there are still a few things the free version can do for you that are worth considering.


It's easy to understand why Kraken is often considered one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, given that Kraken is one of the oldest players in the industry.

Known for being a reputable option offering fantastic service and a variety of digital coins, including Solana, these are usually a great option for almost any crypto trader.

You will also find that Kraken has fairly low fees considering its popularity, which is always a big advantage if you want to get the most out of your investment.

Last but not least, we have – a popular site for a large selection of supported cryptocurrencies, reasonable fees, and overall support for crypto as a whole.

Even better, those who own and use CRO (the platform's own token) will find they can get better fees, which is worth considering.

A decent all-in-one service that makes trading Solana currency as well as other cryptocurrencies and currency pairs simple is what is all about.

How to Purchase Solana (SOL)?

Usually, you will find that the procedure for getting some of these digital coins will not be too difficult. Actually, here are 4 easy steps to buy Solana:

Create an Account on the Exchange

If you have chosen the best platform for your personal needs, the first step is to register with them.

This usually requires at least your first and last name, phone number, email address, and password. Verification is not required, so the whole procedure will not take too long.

Making Your First Deposit

Adding funds to your account is often a simple process. While each platform is different, there will usually be a clear place to make a deposit (look for a special page or button).

Most exchanges will have their own minimum criteria and will offer a variety of payment methods, which you may consider before you join.

Buy your SOL Coins

If Solana is what you are interested in, all you need to do is select the option to buy this digital currency and you will be ready to start trading.

Only if the platform you choose allows for your chosen currency is this an option, so be sure to check first.

Save your Solana

If the platform doesn't have its own wallet, we recommend finding a wallet that uses Solana and linking that hardware wallet to your exchange.

This way, you can keep them safe and secure outside of the trading area. If you don't want to trade often, this may be a more significant step towards increasing protection, so be sure to keep that in mind.


In the article above, we don't just provide a way to buy it, but we also discuss where to buy Solana coins (SOL).

Thus the article on How to Buy Solana (SOL) for Beginners, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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