Understand the Technologies Metaverse Uses and Examples

Rancakmedia.com – To understand the metaverse and the technology used, you can read the following explanatory article about the metaverse. The definition of metaverse is a concept which etymologically comes from the term "meta" which means beyond and "verse" which means universe.

Overall, the metaverse transcends the cosmos in etymological terms. The Metaverse virtual world has a 3D concept that is very close to the real world in terms of realism. Launching from Nytimes, Wednesday (9/2/2022) in this metaverse world, users want to spend money there, such as clothes, and items for their avatar (three-dimensional self-image).

Meta Platforms Inc. was founded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in late 2021. The Metaverse, according to Zuckerberg, is an immersive holographic world where users can interact with each other in ways that are as real as virtual. .

Pngan more depth about the metaverse, metaverse technology ideas, and some existing metaverse technologies will be found on Liputan6.com, Wednesday (9/2/2022).

Understanding the Metaverse

In late 2021, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, will rename the company to Meta Platforms Inc., Meta for short, sparking interest in the term “metaverse.” The Metaverse was originally presented in 1992 by writer Neal Stephenson in his work entitled Snow Crash and Earnest Cline in a novel called Ready Player One.

Metaverse is a word that describes a virtual world with a 3D concept. The word "metaverse," coined by the New York Times, refers to digital versions of virtual reality and second lives. In this metaverse world, users will spend money there, such as clothes, and items for their avatar (three-dimensional self-image).

Mark Zuckerberg explains that the metaverse is a computer platform for living a second life online, an experience similar to the real world. In the metaverse world, users will rely on sensory controllers to interact with virtual items (virtual worlds) and click microphones to talk to other individuals there.

“Some of the social components of the metaverse may already be seen in video games. According to Nytimes, “players can earn virtual money and use it to purchase clothing and other items to personalize their avatar.

Technology Concepts Used by Metaverse

Metaverse is a technology that can produce experiences that are close to the real world. The idea of a metaverse world is not new. According to Investopedia, to understand the idea of a metaverse world, one must integrate five different technologies at once.

We'll start with social media and move on to online games, AR and VR, and cryptocurrency. For users, the metaverse world is made interactive enough to move by combining these five technologies.

VR in the sense of metaverse technology is operating as an instrument to depict virtual worlds graphically. The presence of VR in the metaverse allows residents or users of the metaverse to see the visual components of the metaverse that are closer to reality.

Then AR technology will complement VR by presenting auditory and sensory characteristics that allow residents or users of the metaverse to engage directly with the metaverse.

This was further emphasized by Mark Zuckerberg, starting with Fortune which will build a holographic world that allows social media users to connect with each other like in the real world. As well as being able to react to messages and comments, application it also has a variety of realistic-looking graphics and interactions.

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