What is Coalculus COAL Cryptocurrency Token

Rancakmedia.com – Since the market value of the Coalculus cryptocurrency Token is still considered small, its price may fluctuate more compared to other, more established companies during major market shifts.

It's safe to say COAL is poised for additional expansion, especially given the stock's recent strong performance. Again traders must remain cautious at all times.

Please note that this research is based on COAL only and does not constitute investment advice. Traders should always do their own research and be extra careful when trading in cryptocurrencies.

Coalculus COAL Token A term you may have heard of

Coalculus adalah platform blockchain FinTech multi-rantai yang dikembangkan untuk penerapan hybrid dan dilengkapi dengan fitur persetujuan pengguna. Application berbasis Coalculus menyediakan operasi node nol, interoperabilitas rantai perusahaan, skalabilitas, dan biaya transaksi minimal.

The open-source cryptocurrency Coalculus token is controlled by a professional advisory board and used by Wise MPay, a Singapore-based FinTech development business.

Coalculus has developed several solutions in payment, remittance and document management for Governments, Public Companies, Major Universities, SMEs, Regional Financial Institutions and worldwide.

The Coalculus platform is backed by the Coalculus Token, or COAL, for duplicating account rights to generate blocks on the Coalculus Proof-stake blockchain. As a GAS fee, COAL is also used to aggregate and hash transactions from the Coalculus business chain and add them to the main chain.

On the other hand, COAL can also be used as a conventional digital currency with very minimal fees when users move money between users or pay to third-party service providers, for example, exchanges, wallets, etc.

How did Coalculus COAL Token Get Started?

Jack Bai, Doris Bai, Cheryl Lam, and Shayne Tan are the co-founders of Coalculus, a startup founded in 2012.

Jack Bai is the CEO of Wise MPay Pte Ltd – the parent company of the Coalculus Platform and COAL. Jack is an entrepreneur and has over 30 years of experience in IT and software development for the financial and telecommunications sectors.

He is a serial technology entrepreneur who has successfully left multiple organizations. Jack oversaw the launch of several Fintech and payments products at Wise MPay.

Currently working as Executive Director at GSTechnologies Ltd, LSE. iSentric Ltd, an ASX listed company, also had Jack as a non-executive director until recently (now IOUPay).

Doris Bai is the CSO of Wise MPay. Doris started her own Voice Over IP company over 20 years ago and was an entrepreneur before joining Wise MPay.

In order to become one of the leading VoIP providers in Singapore, he built a new business from scratch. Doris' depth of experience in launching high-growth companies has allowed her to become one of the leading female entrepreneurs and women in technology.

Cheryl Lam is the Chief Technology Officer of the Coalculus Wise MPay platform. His endeavors in blockchain core development started in 2016 as a blockchain researcher.

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