Crypto Asset Recommendations For Trading 2022 – Traders should put their money into our recommended five crypto assets right now, on Wednesday (26/1).

In the previous 24 hours, the prices of the five most popular cryptocurrencies have gone up by a huge amount.

Obsidium is one of these substances. Reporting from Coinmarketcap, Monday (24/1) at 11.30 WIB, the price of Obsidium rose 2353.01 percent. The OBS code currently has a price of USD 0.5132 per crypto unit.

It's also worth your time to play Crypto NinjaFloki. The price of the NJF-coded cryptocurrency increased 370.63 percent to USD 0.00002458.

Another highly recommended cryptocurrency for investors is Crazy Rich Coin. In the previous 24 hours, the price of cryptocurrencies with the CRC code rose 142.45 percent.

At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency is currently trading at $ 0.00005604. PAPPAY is a fun game to try too.

The price of the cryptocurrency rose 138.85 percent in the previous 24 hours to USD 0.000001219.

BiblePay is also highly recommended. The price of the BBP-coded cryptocurrency rose 134.8 percent to USD 0.0002274.

Crypto Asset Investor Recommendations

Litedex Protocol Chief Executive Officer Andrew Suhalim technically studies crypto assets.

According to him, as of January 25 2022, BTC was maintained at the level of USD 36 thousand because the taper tantrum problem damaged market confidence.

After last week's sharp drop, Bitcoin has recovered to around $36,000 and is showing signs of leveling off.

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