Ethereum NFT Collector Digs Crypto Skulls Digital Framework – Ethereum Crypto Skulls NFT project soars on OpenSea. One of the earliest collections of Ethereum avatar art has been discovered by a dedicated NFT collector, and it has skyrocketed in price.

The support of Gary Vaynerchuk and other high-profile NFT proponents certainly sparks interest. The increasing popularity of NFTs has increased the value of many historical collections. Gary Vaynerchuk and other NFT influencers have helped bring attention to the CryptoSkulls collection.

Ethereum Crypto Skulls NFT Collection Discovered by NFT Community

Ethereum archaeologists are trying hard to dig up Ethereum NFTs Crypto Skulls. The CryptoSkulls NFT collection is undergoing a strong rebirth and is currently the #1 collection on OpenSea in trading volume.

In the previous 24 hours, he had exchanged 4,233 ETH, surpassing popular collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Art Blocks Curated. Trading volume was up more than 265,000 percent in the previous week.

The Ethereum and Polygon blockchains are home to the CryptoSkulls collection, which consists of 10,000 NFTs. Each NFT artwork is a unique digital image of a pixelated skull.

This is one of many avatar projects, similar to the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cool Cats that took flight last year. However, CryptoSkulls debuted back in 2019, making it one of the first avatar projects on Ethereum.

NFT fans often use characters from their NFT as their social media avatar, leading to the term "avatar project" to describe collections like this. As a result, many NFT fans see their online persona as an extension of their digital self.

The cheapest NFT Ethereum Crypto Skulls traded for 0.05 ETH on Saturday, equivalent to slightly over $160 at press time. The collection then saw over 9,000 sales on OpenSea, putting the base price up to 0.9 ETH, or roughly $2,900.

Interestingly, some of the cheaper CryptoSkulls can be found on Rarible for 0.05 ETH, although the contracts look different from the collection on OpenSea. Crypto Briefing tried to buy one of the NFTs on Rarible and got an error warning.

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