What is the Highstreet World Coin HIGH Metaverse NFT Token

Rancakmedia.com – Highstreet World Coin is a metaverse of decentralized Play-to-Earn MMORPG Games where brands, both conventional and crypto, can leverage Marketplaces to integrate and build their presence in the digital world.

Since day one, Highstreet has worked for interoperability and has had fantastic thought leaders from exchanges like Binance, to Chains like Avax, to funds like Republic and Animoca integrated with Metaverse and service layers.

What is HIGH or Highstreet World Coin

Highstreet World Coin is a location where companies can build a presence in the virtual world of gaming experiences for brands, i.e. a platform to create a presence in the MMORPG world.

This concept relies directly on the current e-commerce system, players buy physical products to use in-game, but also have the opportunity to redeem goods in real life.

Highstreet is developed from LumiereVR, a computer vision based VR retail company created in 2015.

Many well-known brands, such as Hershey's Chocolate and Victoria Secrets, have contributed components to the commercial metaverse that teams have built over time from Madison Square Garden to brands like L'Oreal.

The project has a large list of investors, including HTC, Palmdrive Capital, Cherubic Ventures from the conventional side, Mechanism, Jump Trading and NGC from crypto.

Apart from crypto ventures, brands like Balenciaga and LVMH are also increasing their reach into video games, to expand into new markets.

What is HIGH or Highstreet World Coin

With the increasing popularity of NFTs, several brands are looking into furthering the Adidas chain's business with their own Bored Ape, and even Harvey Nichols with their own NFT drop. There is little doubt that retail and commerce are leading the way in the future of entertainment.

However, brands couldn't build and develop games on a large scale, and this was an opportunity Highstreet took advantage of to decide on its next generation purchase.

With the Metaplex-powered Merchant Portal, established and emerging brands can use Highstreet and build web3 and Metaverse virtual storefronts with ease.

Highstreet World Coin itself is an open world MMORPG experience where everything in the game is uniquely branded items.

Highstreet World Coin Game Plan

Highstreet's goal is to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, revolutionizing the way financial products are used, consumed and sold.

Highstreet users can explore a multi-faceted interactive metaverse all through the Highstreet interface. You will be able to own and expand your virtual reality property, acquire tokenized products, and be part of a vibrant community.

Highstreet World Coin Metaverse

Welcome to the Highstreet World Metaverse, home to the Solera mainland and a growing archipelago of exciting islands and territories, each carefully sculpted by market forces.

Highstreet World is made up of hexagonal tiles, each representing a building block of the metaverse. There are 50 hexagons in all that make up the highway, and there are blocks set aside for residential structures on each one. Players can acquire and develop specific pieces and entire regions if they choose.

Highstreet World Coin NFT

The Highstreet Market is a special edition marketplace committed to leading brand influencing or product collaboration among celebrities and artists.

The market can be accessed in a browser or in the metaverse via Highstreet World. In the Metaverse, if you take a boat from Freshmint Island to the town of Highstreet, you'll be moored on a rooftop that serves as Highstreet Market 3D Manifestation.

Marketplace For Limited Edition Products

While Unisocks was released as a proof of concept for decentralized trading, it offers a realistic technique for disrupting the way commodities are actually released.

From premium new clothing lines to VIP concert tickets, fine dining reservations, and small wine and whiskey sales, any limited edition product can hit the shelves quickly.

As such, the team has taken on the burden of developing the marketplace on the ethereum blockchain allowing high end brands to debut their limited edition products.

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