Adidas Directly Launches New NFT Collection – Join the Metaverse, adidas Launches New NFT Collection Soon. Meta's idea of creating an AR/VR environment in the Metaverse has persuaded many fashion labels to participate.

After Nike apparently prepared a number of new trademarks for its virtual goods, the adidas competition immediately stepped on the pedal by launching a new NFT collection on Friday (17/12/2021) yesterday.

adidas' NFT debut in the Metaverse is the result of a collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, gmoney, and PUNKS Comic. Reportedly each NFT is priced at 0.2 ETH or roughly $812.

If translated into rupiah, the price is the same as Rp. 11.1 million. And in particular, as many as 30,000 NFTs were sold directly on sales which generated a total of US$23 million or more than Rp. 330 billion.

Advantages of Buying Adidas' New NFT Collection

The new NFT collection launched by adidas is intended to provide many benefits to its users. For example, the adidas Originals Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) line of NFTs will allow owners access to unique materials in The Sandbox.

Of course this news is quite promising, because The Sandbox is a game that is being loved by money lovers who want to make crypto money. Owners of the new adidas NFT collection will also have access to a virtual clothing selection that avatars can wear around adidas pages within The Sandbox, with all digital assets protected by Coinbase.

Advantages of Buying Adidas' Latest NFT Collection

Even more interesting, adidas will provide suitable clothing for NFT owners. They can wear like the gmoney crypto monkey picture, complete with an orange hoodie, tracksuit, and beanie.

Additionally, adidas will be sponsoring an upcoming issue of PUNKS Comics, teaming up with Indigo Herz -NFT Ape Bored adidasgmoney, and CryptoPunk Courtney in adidas apparel and footwear.

“It's been amazing to see a leading cultural brand like adidas Originals working so closely with the NFT community,” said gmoney. “At every step, they have invited the right partners from the crypto community, Metaverse and NFTs and listened to their opinions in the early stages.”

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