Crypto Coin Bomber, Digital Currency or Game – Bomber coin crypto, is it the name of the digital currency or the name of the game?
If you are curious, then this article will explain what is meant by crypto bomber.

Bomber Crypto is an NFT or Non-Fungible Token game that is starting to explode on the market. These can be found at

In playing NFT games, players must play using crypto currency. Players engage in various activities.

The currency used in Bomber Crypto called BCoins. The games on Bomber Crypto include play for genres or play for the cryptocurrency BCoin.

The player or players play a squad of bomber heroes fighting multiple monsters.

Players will control the bomber hero, explore the virtual environment, fight monsters and save the kingdom from monster forces and earn rewards

A certain amount of BCoins is required for each game. Players can earn additional BCoins by overcoming various challenges and monsters.

Each hero or hero bomber has different stats. With luck, players can receive bomber heroes with strong stats to sell or upgrade to improve their fighting abilities.

Crypto Bomber Coin Prices

The price for Bomber Coin or BCoin today, as reported by the Purwokerto Portal from the website, is $7.99 or around Rp. 114 thousand.

Bomber heroes and bomber levels can benefit from the current use of BCoin.

In Crypto Bomber, you have three different game options. The first is Adventure or adventure. Each level's monster is confronted by the player's chosen bomber hero.

Players can earn BCoins by defeating monsters and destroying obstacles.

Crypto Coin Bomber, Digital Currency or Game

The second game is the Combat Arena or battle arena. Players choose their bomber heroes to fight with other players' bomber heroes.

To participate in this game, players must prepare a certain amount of money in the form of coins or tokens.

The winning player will get all of the losing player's tokens. Bomber heroes might experience a loss of energy when engaging in this kind of battle.

Manage Heroes is the last game on the list. In the rescue mission, players can unlock new bomber heroes.

Hero Bombers are occasionally seen in prison areas on certain maps.

After completing the rescue operation against the bomber hero, players will get a 'wounded' or slightly damaged bomber hero.

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