Bluzelle Enters the Metaverse, an NFT-Based Game


Bluzelle Enters the NFT-Based Gaming Metaverse
Bluzelle Enters the NFT-Based Gaming Metaverse – Bluzelle, a decentralized storage layer NFT-based game for Web 3.0, is creating its own crypto game, called Denomination.

The initiative is intended to be a way to showcase the power of the Bluzelle Network in relation to the creator economy, as well as a consumer product for BLZ holders that leverages the power of the founders pavel bains and neeraj murarka spend most of their time on. their careers in the gaming industry.

Denomination is a play-to-earn real-time card battle game where gamers can battle against each other (PvP) or against the environment (PvE), to be rewarded with tokens that can be used either for governance or to purchase unique NFTs.

Play-to-Earn NFT Game

The new Play-to-Earn game is set in a world where a newly discovered source of living energy, Elementi, is connected to people who reveal extraordinary talents.

The governor's order has prohibited anyone from holding and using Elementi and intends to harness the Energy for his own corrupt powers.

Gamers will join The Radicals, a rebel gang fighting against The Order to empower everyone to harness the power of their own Elements.

Play-to-Earn NFT Game

Denomination is being produced in conjunction with Starloop Firm, a top-rated development studio that has worked with the world's largest gaming companies, including Ubisoft, Bethesda, Scopely, Disney, Square Enix, and many more.

The game is intended to be closely tied to the Bluzelle ecosystem and provide benefits to its owners. BLZ operates as the game's native token, used for rewards, staking, and purchasing in-game NFTs.

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