Latest Thetan Arena Game or Thetan Coin (gTHC Coin). – Recently a game was created to accompany online game players on Android phones, currently Thetan Arena Game is trending and popular among Android cellphone users. What makes this Game so interesting?

Let's figure it out together, and we'll cover it in detail in the following article. What is Game Thetan Arena or theta coins? You may be curious about the games that are currently popular and liked by players today.

Until the end of the article, we will clearly explain what is meant by the game Thetan Arena Game.

What is Thetan Arena Game?

Axie Infinity, for example, is a game based on the NFT (Non-fungal Tokeh) system which has recently been popular and has been widely discussed among gamers.

In a game, NFT is a type of crypto technology that must be obtained, or what is commonly referred to as "play to earn". As a result, these NFT players will accumulate gthc coin assets, which can then be converted into crypto currency.

What is Thetan Arena Game_

Indeed, in the realm of special games that can be played by all groups, a MOBA game with an NFT system was recently released.

Game Thetan Arena is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) which has just been released in Alpha-Test. Of course, this game is free to play and allows players to earn money.

About Thetan Arena Game

According to the official website, the game was created to allow players to compete in competitions by combining their skills and teamwork.

Things are difficult to manage in the various player modes, such as MOBA and battle royale.

Furthermore, according to information obtained from the official website of the thetan game, the game players will receive an award that will be handed over by the maker.

Thc Tokens

Gamers can sell items, including two objects obtained during gameplay, the Thetan coin and thc coin gem, for basic information about the NFT system. Both games have an option to convert to real money.

Coin Thetan is an accessible currency, which can be exchanged with other players. These Thetan arena game coins can be earned by playing the game, and can also be used to buy Thetan Boxes.

Thetan Gems, on the other hand, are the currency for upgrading heroes and can be exchanged for real money. Thetan Game is currently in Alpha Test and will be available for Android, iOS, and PC in Q3 2021.

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