Examples of Promising and Profitable Business Opportunities

Rancakmedia.com – The following are examples of business opportunities that will be promising and profitable with only small capital. Start business Starting from scratch is a huge task that every aspiring entrepreneur will face. Building a business is not easy, especially if you really do it from scratch.

Meanwhile, if you want to start a business, the choice is very smart, you know. This is because, you may not only benefit from sales, but also the freedom to work and can help create jobs for others.

But of course things like that are not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Various ways and strategies must be applied to achieve all that.

Well, for make a business plan To be successful, of course you must first choose the type of business that you really understand the ins and outs of and also offers promising potential.

Even better, if your choice involves a little business capital. Then, what are the promising Business Opportunities that can provide maximum benefits for you?

Examples of Promising Business Opportunities

List of Examples of Business Opportunities

Here are 7 examples of business opportunities that you can do with limited capital.

1. Online Course Services

This promising business is perfect if you have expertise in a certain field. For example, digital marketing, knitting skills, baking, or foreign languages.

There is a significant shift in the world of work, forcing individuals to improve their quality, so taking additional courses is one method.

However, in this era of great mobility, especially with the COVID-19 epidemic, being thin online seems to be the right choice. With just the internet, laptop and expertise, you can perform thin services online, even when you are at home.

You can take advantage of online video conferencing such as zoom, or Google Meet as a teaching medium.

Now, to collect/submit assignments, you can now take advantage of Google Classroom which can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing activity where you promote other people's goods.

This promising business opportunity is considered very tempting. The reason is, you can even start without money, you know.

Then how does it work?

So, if someone buys a product using the referral product that you provide, then you will receive a commission according to the negotiated agreement.

So, this business is perfect for those of you who are active on social media and have the ability to promote goods.

3. Make Handmade Accessories

A promising business can emerge from a hobby that you often participate in, you know. For example, hobbies make handicrafts such as necklaces, handicraft bags, bracelets and the like.

You might also be able to concentrate on one craft material, such as a knitting arts business and making different crochet items.

This type of business tends to have low costs and involves little venture capital. What's more, because this is a hobby, while working you can also relieve tension.

In addition, currently handmade or handmade goods are very expensive in the market, you know. The reason is, there are also many individuals who appreciate and believe that handicrafts are something more beautiful and distinctive than those made in factories.

4. Become a dropshipperPromising and Profitable Business Opportunities

Some individuals stare at the Dropshipper with one eye. The reason is, this business with small capital, is considered not to offer many benefits.

Even though make no mistake, dropshipping can be a promising business if you run it diligently. Oh yes, for those who don't understand, Dropshipper is a business strategy that is almost comparable to resellers.

Where, you will sell other people's products and benefit from the price difference that you offer to customers. Unlike a reseller, you don't need to steam the goods first from the seller.

Because, the seller himself will deliver the goods offered to your customers. It's like you link vendors and buyers and then leverage them.

If you are active, disciplined and diligent, of course you can get a lot of benefits without having to spend a lot of capital, you know. You can run this business online, even at home, you know.

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