Credit Card Repayment Service Fraud Modes to Watch Out for – Are you planning to use a credit card payment service? if so, then you should read the information that we will provide below, continue to read all the details below, thank you.

The increasing costs of basic necessities that are not matched by additional income make many people have to consider living in these difficult economic times. But apparently not all of them are able to make a company or investment and want to get money instantly and quickly.

You have to be wary of credit card repayment service companies that you often see through advertisements in various media, including: digital media.

This method makes the victims believe that if they no longer need to pay the bank loan and everything will be paid off quickly. Many victims have been misled by this deceptive way because it is interesting and your life seems stress-free.

The Financial Services Authority or OJK always urges the public to be careful of any financial institutions and companies that offer this.

At least this was clearly stated by Mr. Slamet Edi Purnomo who is the Head of the Communications and International Department of OJK, if such offers are increasingly prevalent in various regions and are in the form of PT, which means large companies so that they look convincing if they are committing fraud.

He emphasized that this is not true because it will harm various parties, starting from the community itself and financial service institutions. The presence of companies that offer various types of credit card repayments in an easy way is not in line with the credit card repayment system and mechanism that has been set by banks and other financial institutions.

Credit Card Repayment Service Company

Even though it looks easy, in reality it is prohibited and if anything happens, the public will blame who, considering that OJK has often warned.

Therefore, OJK as a genuine and trusted financial supervisor from the government seeks to encourage business actors and debtors to distrust in an instant way and follow the established process so that fraud does not occur.

For debtors who have the responsibility to pay debts, they should follow the agreement previously agreed upon by both parties when the debtor asks for a loan from the creditor. Companies that promise to pay off loans will be subject to legal sanctions and that is what OJK will do.

Beware of Credit Card Repayment Scams

The danger is very high if you trust a business that is involved in credit payments because the debtor's money is at stake. If you already believe, then debt is still piling up while your money is gone without a trace. Of course you don't want to experience it and lose your property because of bad credit.

The form of fraud committed by credit repayment companies is quite or even very convincing because they are able to issue a guarantee letter containing a statement of debt relief issued directly by the president on behalf of Indonesia's number one leader and supported by various other parties. international institution so that it looks bona fide, professional and reliable.

Looking at some very convincing newspapers, there are those who do not believe, even tend to believe quickly when they see the president take over this issue. But smart debtors will know on the basis of whether they forgive the debt you have.

In addition, another option is to operate on behalf of the state or certain state institutions that are full of the ideals of Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

The basis used is also the sovereignty of the people so it seems as if the state will pay all your obligations. Of course this will make you use credit cards more often because the debt will be paid off quickly. Smart debtors will recognize what is right and what is not.

In addition, the next mode is that the institution will look for victims who are affected by bad credit and also promise to pay off their debts with state-owned securities, but later the debtor will be asked to submit a registration fee to become a member of a certain legal entity and invite the debtor to look for other debtors to join. with them.

Be careful with credit card repayment service companies in any form and offer so that you don't lose money in vain and always follow the process listed.


Financial Services Authority or OJK always urges the public to be wary of financial institutions and companies that offer it. Companies that promise to repay loans face legal sanctions if they do not follow established procedures.

The presence of companies that easily offer various types of credit card refunds is not in line with the existing system. The danger is enormous if you trust a company that is involved in loan repayments because the debtor's money is at stake.

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