How to Make Consistent Profits Trading Forex – How to get consistent profit trading forex? Can make big profits when you first get to know Forex in a very short time, but it turns out that there are events to make consistent profits.

Many forex traders fail, reducing the curiosity of novice traders whether they are able to enter the trading industry. Some traders who lose money unavoidably also generate unfavorable hypotheses and views regarding Forex Trading.

What is Consistent Profit?

Profit is profit and consistent is Consistent profit thus can be seen as continuous profit. Even if the profits are small, the monthly results can increase our workplace salary if you continue to make profits in Trading. The size of the profit depends on the size of our trading capital.

What is Consistent Profit_

The greater the capital, the greater the possibility of big profits. The smaller our capital, the greater the income that was never expected. The fact is, if you want consistent and sustainable profits.

How to Make Consistent Profits Trading Forex

To be able to generate consistent and sustainable profits, we must do and must accomplish a number of things.

Start thinking like a businessman, not like a gambler

As a trader, we have to start trading the right way. Be a businessman who can consider the risks that are ready to be taken, don't be a gambler. A gambler only thinks about big profits and never thinks about the risks.

Use a minimum risk Trading Strategy

It is very difficult to choose this strategy, because every trader has a different game strategy. But basically the lowest risk and maximum profit are the most important, the maximum does not mean much but the profit depends on the amount of capital.

Use forex trading techniques regularly, if you want consistent profits. Do not be happy to change tactics, because it can be confusing.


Discipline is also important to increase our profits in forex trading. Discipline in question is to follow the strategy that we have set at the beginning and also dare to cut losses and cut profits without having to think long.

Don't wait for a floating strategy if our position is wrong and don't wait until we cut profits, if we think it's enough to make some profits and cut it soon, it can increase the probability of consistent profits.

Open position when we have time

Do not open a position until we notice currency or gold fluctuations. Because we open trading positions and don't monitor positions, there is a risk that we will lose some of the money we have, while we have a stop loss, we still need to pay attention to market changes.

Open position following the Trend

Trend tracking is highly recommended by experienced traders because the chances of losing are very small by following the trend. An easy way to find out trends in forex trading is to use fairly common indicators such as Moving Average, Zigzag, MACD and many more.

Open Position at Close Candle

It is also very important to wait for the candle to close. Because the direction of the candle and the shape of the candle can sometimes be different. In addition, indications can change as well. So if we receive a good signal, try to wait until the candle closes before you can say that the signal is genuine and accurate.

Open Position with a small lot

In fact, if our lot is big, the profit will be big too. But if our capital is small, we will continue to build a lot of enough, our little capital will sink. Change capital to open positions. We recommend a maximum open position of 0.10 lots if the capital is less than 10 million. If the capital is less than 1 million, a maximum position of 0.01 lots is recommended.

These are some suggestions for making consistent profits in forex trading based on what has been done. Indeed, sometimes it is not easy to look for positive things. Many believe that trading is easy.

However, the more trading you learn, the more difficult it will be. After reading this post, I hope that novice traders will begin to understand and learn how to trade like a businessman. That way you can get a sustainable profit.


The following are questions and answers about the article above:

Where Trading Profits Come From

Profits from trading activities come from rewards paid by buyers to sellers or the exchange of goods or services between two parties. The international trade market offers tougher competition. This also affects the creation of more competitive prices.

What are the Disadvantages of Trading

The first disadvantage of trading is that the occurrence of risks is unavoidable. This is usually because the risks involved are beyond one's means and therefore difficult to avoid.

What is the Profit Percent of Forex Trading?

According to experts who have been trading Forex for many years, with a good strategy, a day trader can earn 5-15 percent profit per month from an initial capital of $500-1000.


Many forex traders fail, so how do you get consistent profits in forex trading? reduce the curiosity of novice traders whether they are able to enter the trading industry. To be able to generate consistent and sustainable profits, we must do and must accomplish a number of things.

Use technique forex trading regularly, if you want consistent profits. If we open a trading position and do not monitor the position, there is a risk that we will lose some of the money we have.

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