5 Best Online Gold Apps For Traders

Rancakmedia.com – Online trading application for forex trading widespread, but what about online gold applications? There are many online gold buying and selling applications listed on the Play Store, but whether these applications are appropriate or not is still a problem for traders.

For that, you can study the following 5 types of gold trading applications before deciding to install them on the smartphone screen of your choice. As a trader, having a variety of reading sources available everywhere seems to be a necessity.

Online Gold Application List

Knowing the current price situation, what are the reasons for these conditions, to the desire to receive the latest alerts are some of the considerations for traders before choosing an application that is worth adding to a smartphone.

Online Gold Application

1. Lakuemas

Lakuemas is a gold trading application created by PT Laku Emas Indonesia. Through this application, Lakuemas aims to offer a new method of simple gold transactions, from buying and selling, transferring, to gold storage. The features provided by this application include:

  • Ease of buying and selling gold online.
  • Free gold transfer anytime to other Lakuemas users.
  • There is a deposit facility and manages real gold or Lakuemas balances as a deposit for a certain period of time.
  • Ease of leasing capital in the form of gold.

Unfortunately, to be able to view this website, you must create an account first. In addition, the account verification procedure in the Lakuemas application takes a long time and requires users to verify from two addresses, namely their mobile number and email address.

2. Tamasia

The second application that you can choose is Tamasia, a gold buying and selling application developed by PT Tamasia Global Syariah. Tamasia makes it possible to buy gold only through the app, just like their motto, "everything is done quickly, safely, & sharia!"

Talking about features, Tamasia provides many great services, including:

  • Gold buying and selling transaction services with deposits starting from IDR 10,000 only.
  • The convenience of sending gifts in the form of gold to relatives starting from 0.02 grams via the transfer menu.
  • There is a "piggy bank" called DREAMS, which helps divide your main account balance into dream balances.
  • Physical gold printing services if the amount of gold purchased exceeds 1 gram up to 100 grams.

However, like the previous gold trading application, you also have to log in to your account first to be able to use the various facilities mentioned.

3. Gold

E-mas is a gold buying and selling application provided by business actors with the same name, namely e-mas. This mobile application will make it easier for you to trade or invest in gold. Only with a smartphone, you can easily buy, sell, store or transfer gold anywhere, anytime.

Through this e-gold application, the benefits that you will get include:

  • You can buy gold in small quantities, around 0.02 grams or around IDR 10,000.
  • You can sell gold at any time, with an estimated sales confirmation time of no later than 1×24 hours.
  • There is a function to check the price of gold before deciding to trade.
  • You can buy data packages, credits, even energy credits through the gold balance you have.

Like the two previous gold buying and selling applications, e-mass also requires users to activate an account first before enjoying the various facilities available in the application. However, this e-gold is arguably superior to the previous two applications, because the features provided are far more varied.

4. Antam's Precious Metal Gold Price

This gold buying and selling application is the simplest among other application “friends”. When the installation procedure is complete on the smartphone, you will be given a fairly basic display of the gold price, both the selling price and the buying price.

Apart from that, the pnwbox application also offers a gold price table per bar, from 1 gram to 1000 grams. In addition, there is a gold price chart function where you can change the period, starting from 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, up to 5 years.

Unfortunately, the app looks very fresh and needs a lot of feature enhancements so that interaction with users can be developed effectively. Displaying a different ad page every time you move sites, users may find it annoying.

5. World of Gold

Ultimately, World of Gold is a gold trading app. This trading program has a very beautiful reading interface. Apart from that, the features that are carried here are also very unique, because they are not present in the last four gold trading applications. What are the features of this Golden World?

  • User-friendly application design will make it easier for users. You don't have to worry about finding your chosen part in this golden world, because the developed interface has been adapted to the main needs of its customers.
  • Dunia Emas has an anti-slow feature, so you can also trade gold without lagging, or loading for a long time, easily.
  • For its users, Dunia Emas is dedicated to providing one-stop reference. The app thus includes an analytical rubric, news and articles about gold. These three categories are easy to find because they are on the home page. Armed with three different rubrics, you can optimize your gold trading.
  • The main feature of this Gold World app is the advanced Price Alert feature. As the name suggests, this feature gives you a warning or notification whenever gold reaches the default price level. You only need to enter the gold price level that you want to use as a benchmark notification, and you will get an automatic notification when gold has reached that price level. This feature can help you enter the correct location at the desired price level.
  • In addition to the Price Alert feature, Gold price history is a unique facility run by Dunia Emas. By using this ability, over the past week, month, six months, and even a year, you can find out the trend of gold. Thus you can decide on the best gold trading technique to use.

If you look at the comparative differences of the top five gold trading applications, Dunia Emas is an application that is worth installing on a smartphone. You don't need to register first to enjoy the facilities besides bringing unique features that cannot be accessed in other trading applications. So what do you expect? download the Gold World application immediately from the Google Play Store. FREE!


There are a lot of them online gold application listed on the Play Store. Lakuemas is a gold trading application created by PT Laku Emas Indonesia. Tamasia makes it possible to buy gold only through the application, like their motto, "everything is done quickly, safely and sharia!".

e-mas is a gold buying and selling application provided by a business actor with the same name, namely e-mas. Only with a smartphone, you can easily buy, sell, store or transfer gold anywhere, anytime.

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