10+ Ways to Play Binomo on HP for Beginners

Rancakmedia.com – For newcomers to the world of forex, how to play binomo on cellphones for beginners is very promising and in the Binomo application the word trading is better known than investment, because playing money through brokers, especially the Binomo application.

This famous application must be studied carefully, otherwise your money will be wasted for free. Binomo thus cannot be used for long-term investments to determine the price we want to sell or not to sell.

But don't worry, in this post we will provide at least as a first step a brief instructor introduction on how to play binomo on cellphones for beginners. You should know some of the features that may be exchanged on Binomo.

Important point, binomo app can make you rich quickly, like the famous sultan of Medan, Indrakenz, because of his trading success, he can buy many luxury vehicles and other big assets. But the potential to bankrupt you is not excluded, so you have to be mature if you want to trade binomo.

This is How to Play Binomo on Mobile for beginners

This is How to Play Binomo for beginners

In our application we will provide a complete chart of every Trade be it currency traded, stocks, crypto and so on. We want an introduction to how to play binomo on mobile for beginners.

As a beginner, we recommend that you only trade currencies like USD/JPY etc. to make it easier to understand the chart. Moreover, the minimum amount of transactions that must be made is IDR 7,000 to IDR 2 million for one transaction.

  1. Please visit the official site directly at www.binomo.com and create an account first.
  2. If it cannot be opened by Indonesian access, then we recommend using a VPN to access it.
  3.  Don't download binomo from play store or from other apps, because there are many clones of binomo, with original binomo app done on website only.
  4. Use demo account first, don't deposit real account directly to avoid big loss.
  5. There are indicators used that show the percentage of candles that dominate down or up.
  6. Be careful to buy slots in time to choose up and down traffic, you don't have to rely entirely on binomo indications, you can do your own research.
  7. To make it easier to observe trading trends, within 5 minutes or hours you can see the time, so you can decide whether to move up or down at this time.
  8. The percentage of profit from each trade is different, but in currency trading it achieves an average profit of 80 percent. If you lose, you will lose 100% of money.
  9. Use mature mental analysis to play binomo, and don't try to open random slots.
  10. Mental psychology is widely studied to play binomial, you will feel hot when you lose and you will be provoked to win or win. Try to limit yourself, then.
  11. How to play binomo for the ultimate beginner on mobile, Take a break to see the further journey of the candle, so you can determine its ups and downs again.


Trading is better known than investing, because playing money through brokers, especially the binomo application. Binomo cannot be used for long-term investments. The minimum amount of transactions that must be made is 7000 to 2 million rupees for one transaction.

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