Small Capital Coffee Shop Business – In big cities, business coffee shops are very easy to find and are visited by various groups, from workers to students, you must have hung out in coffee shops. The mushrooming of coffee shops in urban areas is inseparable from the need for business capital for Indomie coffee shops or warkop which are quite affordable.

In addition to the prospects for the coffee shop business, it is also still promising where coffee shops that have strategic locations can get hundreds of customers per day and tens of millions of profits in a month.

Besides that, the coffee shop business is also a stable business and generates cash because the coffee shop business is not a booming business in the past year or two.

However, keep in mind that the warkop business is just like any other small business that still requires careful planning and calculations to reduce the risk of loss and maximize your profit potential.

If you are interested in opening a coffee shop business, here are the steps that need to be taken to start a coffee shop business along with details of the business capital for an Indomie coffee shop or coffee shop for your planning.

Steps To Start A Coffee Shop Business

The first step you need to take to start a coffee shop business is to determine the location of your coffee shop later. Location selection is very important for the success or failure of your Indomie coffee shop or warkop.

Steps To Start A Coffee Shop Business


This is because almost everyone visits a coffee shop that is located close to them. Therefore you must have

cf. a busy location such as a residential area, near a campus or workplace. Doing market research is an important step to start every business that must be done to minimize the risks faced.

Before opening a coffee shop somewhere, of course, you need to see how the competition is in that area, how many coffee shops there are, what is offered, how comfortable the coffee shop is and various other aspects.

The more you know about the competition and market conditions before opening a coffee shop allows you to offer something different from your competitors and become a favorite of your customers.

You may not need a formal market research document for a coffee shop business, but at least you should know and write down on a piece of paper how many competitors you have and what are the potential market segments in the area where you will open the Indomie coffee shop or warkop.

After knowing more about the market and your competitors, with so many warkop businesses already standing, you must have a clear concept in order to attract customers to your warkop.

To determine the concept you have to adapt it to the characteristics of your market/customer segmentation. For example, if your main market segment is students and students, you can apply the concept of wifi, gaming and music warkop to attract them.

After knowing the location, doing market research and determining the concept, you must plan your Indomie warkop business capital.

Capital planning is done by making details of the capital requirements for your coffee shop business for the next few months consisting of initial capital and operational capital. Apart from that, you also need to make an estimate of the income that can be obtained from your Indomie coffee shop or warkop business.

  • Total Initial Capital: IDR 5,600,000
  • Total Business Capital: Rp. 13,587,500
  • Total Capital Requirement: Rp. 19,187,500

For the calculation of the profit and loss of a coffee shop business, assume that your coffee shop can get an average of 150 customers per day where each customer buys food and a minimum with an average total purchase of Rp. 11,500 (egg noodles Rp. 8,000 and black coffee Rp. 3,500).

Small Capital Coffee Shop Business

Determination of the minimum selling price of food and beverages is based on the Cost of Goods Sold or HPP of 50% of the price (noodles cost Rp. 2,250 per pack, then the price is Rp. 2,250 = 4,500).

Operational costs include electricity of Rp. 300,000 per month, wifi Rp. 200,000 a month, the salary of 2 employees is IDR 4,000,000, and gas is IDR. 200,000.

Calculation of Profit and Loss in a Month

Based on the above calculations, the Indomie coffee shop or warkop business actually has quite lucrative profit potential.

This sizable profit can also be achieved with a relatively small total coffee shop business capital.

However, on the other hand there are several obstacles to the coffee shop / warkop business that you need to pay attention to to ensure the success of your coffee shop business.

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