List of the Best Stock Trading Applications and Officially Registered at OJK - Hello everyone! In this article, we will provide detailed information about the list of the best and officially registered stock trading applications OJK.

Making new investors calm and comfortable in the Indonesian stock exchange. Currently, almost all stock buying and selling transactions are carried out online through various securities trading applications. Thus, investors can buy and sell stocks through their mobile phones.

At the moment there are a lot of them application buying and selling shares in the community. It is not surprising that novice investors are confused that the stock trading application is the highest, safest, trusted and official registered with the OJK, IDX and guaranteed by KSEI and the Indonesian Clearing and Guarantee Corporation (KPEI).

Then, what are the best stock trading applications that are legally registered at the KSEI and KPEI institutions and guaranteed by the OJK? This is the review here.

List of OJK Stock Trading Applications

5 OJK Trading Applications

1. MOST Mobile Mandiri Sekuritas

Sekuritas Mandiri MOST Mobile is a trading application owned by Mandiri Sekuritas or more popularly known as MOST. The owner of the CC broker code is one of the largest stockbrokers in Indonesia. Which is also a subsidiary of Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk is Mandiri Sekuritas. Thus the MOST status belongs to BUMN.

How about the MOST app for trading? MOST is an easy-to-use stock trading app. The interface is also ideal for investors, especially beginners who want to know more about stock trading.

You can also trade to buy stocks, stocks and bonds through the MOST application. Everything in the MOST app is doable because it's already incorporated. Apart from that, MOST also offers clients daily analysis and stock news.

How do I open a MALING Mobile Mandiri Sekuritas account? Opening can be done online by making documents such as e-KTP, selfie photos and NPWP.

How much is the first Mandiri Sekuritas deposit? Mandiri Sekuritas' initial deposit is IDR 2 million for students, Rubia 5 million for the general public and IDR 100 million for full service.

How much is the buying and selling fee of MOST Mobile Mandiri Sekuritas? MOST charges a sales fee of 0.28 percent and a purchase transaction fee of 0.18 percent.

2. Neo Hots Mobile

Neo Hots Mobile is a stock trading application for Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia. This YP coded broker is 99 percent controlled by a South Korean company, Mirae Asset Securitas (HK) Limited.

Neo Host Mobile is one of the most popular stock trading apps for retail investors. The customer service provided by Mirae is highly acclaimed and satisfies investors.

Neo Host Mobile App also offers stock information, analysis and inventory news. In addition, applications for consumers also have furum.

How can I unlock my mobile Neo Host? Account opening can be done online by completing the required documents, including KTP, NPWP. CS Mirae will be happy to assist in opening an account.

How much is the initial deposit for Mirae Sekuritas? Mirae Sekuritas' initial deposit was 10 million rupiah. This is a hefty amount for beginners who want to learn stocks. This is really one of the mistakes in opening Neo Host Mobile.

How much does it cost to sell and buy Neo Host Mobile? The cost of selling the shares is 0.25% and the buying fee is 0.15% per transaction.

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