Definition of Personnel Management, Duties and Functions – Here is the understanding management personnel along with their duties and functions that you must understand. The presence of personnel management is very important in a company. Personnel management oversees the recruitment of employees who work in a company later. The staff manager also looks after the performance of the recruited staff.

Check out the following review to find out more about the meaning of Personnel in carrying out their duties in a company.

Personnel management also plays an important role in meeting business goals as one of the key components of a company. To make this happen, they work hard to attract people in the organization and pay attention to achieving company goals.

Personnel management must select competent people with qualified skills who can help the company.

Definition of Personnel Management According to Experts

Actually, what is the definition of Personnel in general and experts that is often heard today? Personnel or what is known as personal management in a company is a word for the recruitment and development process of a company.

These employees will then receive coaching and development to become valuable people for the company's sustainability.

1. Marihot Manullang

The definition of Personnel or Management Staff according to Marihot Manullang is the field of knowledge to provide facilities to employees. This field of knowledge does not only discuss how to offer facilities that are beneficial for employee development. According to Marihot, there is a feeling of participating in actions related to Personnel.

2. Hasibuan Melayu SP

The definition of Personnel in Malay is the science that examines the art of organizing. The regulated factor in this case is participation in the company's employment relationship. Labor is controlled in various ways to achieve company goals efficiently and effectively. Not only the company, the goals of its workers and all aspects of society are fulfilled.

3. Alex S. Semitus.

According to Alex S. Nitisemito, the notion of Personnel is the art of planning, organizing and supervising the workforce. This series of procedures focuses the process more effectively and efficiently on achieving company goals.

4. John Soeprihanto

Personnel or personnel management knowledge According to John Soeprihanto, management functions are supervised sequentially. In addition, he reported that development, withdrawal and compensation were also carried out for the company's employees. In addition, maintenance and integration are a series of procedures that support companies in achieving optimal and focused goals.

5. Heidjrachman and Suad Hunan, Ranupandojo

Definition of Personnel According to Heidjrachman and Suad, management function is personnel. They also include staff recruitment, integration, compensation and maintenance as part of the staff. All of these functions provide a foundation for the company to achieve long-term and short-term goals.

Personnel Management Duties

It's incomplete if you understand the meaning of staff or management in a company, if you don't talk about staff duties.

Definition of Personnel Management

The main job of the staff is human resources or company work. Following are some important responsibilities for corporate personnel management.

  1. Arrange or determine the labor budget in a company.
  2. Make an HR work plan within the company such as job descriptions, job analysis and job requirements.
  3. Carry out the stages of selecting prospective workers based on company needs, such as specifications, skills and numbers.
  4. Personnel management also has a responsibility to ensure that recruited employees are properly positioned in their specific areas of expertise.
  5. Determine the company's human resources and company resources.
  6. Regulate workforce development workforce, including workforce education.
  7. Manage worker transfer processes (retirement, etc.).
  8. Ensuring the welfare of employees in the company.

Personnel Management Function in the Company

There are many functions carried out in human management to achieve business goals. In general, two employee functions are carried out in a business so that goals can be achieved successfully and efficiently.

Management function

The human resource management function has four components. This component measures the success of the business in achieving the specified organizational goals. The four components of the management function are further explained below.

1. Planning

Planning or planning is a key function in helping a business achieve organization goals for personal management. The fundamental function of staff management is to formulate or plan corporate objectives.

2. Organization

The organizational function of personnel management is a way to achieve the goals of a good employee organization. Once a business defines the functions of its members, the organization becomes a vertical-horizontal connection. It starts with the design of staff management composition and other related elements.

3. Directing

The next task is to direct or direct all business resources to achieve company goals. This allows everyone to work effectively and efficiently to achieve these goals.

4. Control (Supervision)

The final task of the management function is to monitor or monitor employee performance. Personnel management oversees the actions of the workforce in achieving goals and whether they are according to plan or not. With this function, staff management can improve if things don't follow the original plan.

Operational Function

The next staff management function is the operational function. This function provides information on various human resource issues, from procurement to maintenance as follows, in relation to the operational function.

  1. Procurement of manpower in accordance with the needs of the company, including quantity and competence.
  2. Human resource training in business to improve employee capabilities.
  3. Guidance is carried out by providing training in the field, so that the tasks of the workforce can be carried out properly.
  4. Giving remuneration to employees as a token of gratitude. The salary is in accordance with the employee's performance while working with the business and its efforts to help achieve company goals.
  5. Integration with employees or people in the business in relation to the wishes of the company. Staff management functions to ensure that all stakeholders are integrated in achieving company goals.
  6. Maintaining good physical and mental condition of employees in business through welfare services etc.


Personnel management also has a responsibility to ensure that recruits are properly placed in their areas of expertise. Salary according to the performance of an employee while working with the business and its efforts to help achieve company goals.

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