Definition of PPIC, Duties and Benefits – Do you know the meaning PPIC What is that? For those of you who work in production, you know the term PPIC. Because the word is very closely related to the production process of an industry. What exactly is PPIC and its advantages in business field? This article will discuss the meaning of PPIC and its duties.

Complete PPIC Definition

This implies the work of planning the manufacturing process and managing the inventory of raw materials until they are finally produced into finished goods.

The department responsible for planning and managing the production process consists of the PPIC in manufacturing companies. This allows the process to run according to a predetermined strategy.

PPIC task

In carrying out its duties, the PPIC Department must cooperate with other departments, including the marketing department. In this Department, the number of goods to be sold to consumers is predicted and forecasted.

This allows the PPIC department to identify and manage raw material inventory. To enable the goods produced to meet the customer requirements derived by the marketing department.

Because the stock of raw materials is very closely related, department

PPIC men also have to calculate the material requirements to be produced. This process is called material requirements planning, therefore the PPIC must also work closely with the procurement department.

PPIC must ensure that the goods that enter the factory are then transformed into the production process. PPIC must ensure that the goods have been registered in stock by the warehouse. Samples of goods can also be taken to ensure their quality under quality control.

Complete PPIC Definition

PPIC task

Production Planning and Inventory Control staff usually have the following tasks.

1. Provide Finished Materials

PPIC staff must deliver finished goods on schedule and meet marketing team requirements. Because the finished goods are disseminated to consumers by the marketing team. The goods presented to the customer must thus be reliable and correct.

2. Review the Forecast of Marketing

PPIC will also get prediction data from the marketing team, which they will later evaluate. From this data, PPIC personnel can design the next manufacturing process. The goods thus produced are of higher quality and quantity.

3. Calculating and Ensuring Production Needs

PPIC staff is also responsible for calculating different products for production reasons, such as the materials needed for the production process.

All requirements from production to final product must be processed precisely by PPIC staff. PPIC employees must be able to ensure that the required supplies are met.

4. Ensure Product Quality

The QC staff must also ensure that quality control has been carried out before the goods are shipped. Because finished goods must be inspected first to ensure product quality.

5. Production Process Time

PPIC staff must be able to ensure the production process runs on a set schedule.

PPIC benefits

A number of production processes are expected to run more efficiently and effectively by using PPIC in manufacturing companies. In addition to the production process, it also offers many advantages in terms of finance and time.

Here are some of the benefits of PPIC that you should know about:

  1. Manufacturing processes can run on a set schedule and client requests can be completed on time.
  2. Production machines and other equipment can be used optimally because the process is clear.
  3. Insufficient or excessive inventory of raw materials in the warehouse.
    Companies can run inventory management optimally.
  4. Prevent and reduce the cost of buying excess production inventory.
  5. Minimizes production delays and can predict delays due to unforeseen events.
  6. Labor costs are saved because raw resources and technology can be optimized for company efficiency.
  7. Increase ROA (return on assets) when the company also expands its production capabilities.
  8. This makes it easier for business actors to set an appropriate budget, especially the investment budget.
  9. Facilitate marketing and sales services as they have a clear production planning system and inventory on demand.

PPIC Job Solutions

The technology industry has developed very fast, making it challenging for companies that still manage their companies manually. Even the PPIC task will not work properly because the systems between departments are not integrated.

ERP system is one method to streamline PPIC operations. This system can be integrated with other departments to run it from its own stand. The benefits that will be obtained by PPIC by adopting an ERP system are as follows:

Review the Forecast of Marketing

  • Production schedule can be applied automatically
  • Material preparation and routing can run more efficiently.
  • Will run if stock runs out.
  • Automatically schedule equipment and process maintenance.
  • Makes it easy to monitor customer requests for existing stock, carry out inventory of goods and maintain industrial equipment.

This is an explanation of the meaning and duties of PPIC. This staff will run more efficiently if an integrated system is used called an ERP system.

EOS technology is one of the methods to control your company's financial system. Before you decide to use an ERP system you can consult further in depth. You can contact us directly via the contact page for additional information.


In this article, we have discussed the meaning of PPIC and its role in the corporate industry. PPIC staff must be able to ensure the production process runs according to a predetermined schedule. QC staff must also ensure that they have carried out Quality Control before the goods are sent.

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