Understanding the complete marketing concept with its types

Rancakmedia.com – Several important concepts are recognized in the business sector while operating a company. Understanding the marketing concept, or it can be called the marketing concept or marketing concept, is one of them. The marketing concept is often associated with and matched with the selling concept. But in reality, these two concepts are different. The following is an overview of the marketing concept.

Understanding of Marketing Concepts

Marketing or marketing is one of the things that a company needs to run its business or company. Marketing or marketing is often associated with sales and even equated.

However, in practice, the concepts used in marketing do not always make sales directly affect the company's income.

Marketing concept Profitably the company's philosophy is to find and satisfy the needs of its customers which benefits both the customer and the company. The same philosophy is not profitable for every business, therefore different companies use different marketing concepts (also called marketing management philosophy).

Understanding the concept of marketing

The 'marketing idea' implies that a business must anticipate and meet customer needs more efficiently than competitors to achieve organizational goals. The concept originated in Adam Smith's book The Wealth of Nations, but it was not until nearly 200 years later that it became widely used.

Types of Marketing Concepts

The concept of marketing or marketing according to its meaning is all company activities to offer products. In practice, companies must be able to adapt their products to market advantages.

Therefore, many types of marketing concepts are usually used by companies to streamline the marketing of their products. We need to fully understand it, bearing in mind the importance of customer needs and wants in marketing.

Pay Attention To The Following Things

Our customer care marketing concept should be based on the following:


An essential item to lead a healthy, stable and secure life for individuals. If needs remain unmet, disastrous results are obvious dysfunction or death.

Objective and physical requirements such as the need for food, water and shelter, subjective and psychological needs such as family or social membership and self-esteem. Whatever you want. Desire is not necessary for basic existence and is often influenced by society.


If the ability to pay is supported by needs and wants, this can become an economic imperative.
Marketers utilize various marketing concepts as a reference in the field of marketing. Some of these marketing concepts have remained today, while others have become obsolete and new marketing concepts have been adopted.

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