Definition of Public Relations, Benefits and Duties – Understanding public relations or PR is a management function that analyzes attitudes, behavior and public opinion to find out what policies can be taken by a person or organization to promote the best interests of the public.

PR (Public Relations) career in a company working to make the company more functional by dealing with bad press and public relations. Since public relations influences people's impressions of the company, it is considered to be in the company's favour.

To this end, it must help shape the company's image so that people think well of it. Meanwhile, a company's public relations job often involves sourcing stories and conveying them to journalists.

They had to do additional important work including investigating locations and appraising their belongings. If public relations is confused with a PR firm's clients, then it should be able to come up with something new to restore the company's image.

The following is the definition of Public Relations

The press is inextricably linked with public relations work. Especially the public relations department The mass media have the power to make or break a company; therefore, public relations companies must be able to find the source of the mistakes they make with the press.

Major news outlets whose sole purpose is to gather information sometimes end up writing about the goings-on at a company in an inappropriate way.

Definition of public relations

Journalism ethics prohibit reporting on certain subjects, but journalists find it advantageous to cover things they should avoid. Due to public relations, we are able to clear up misrepresented news and reports.

A company's image and reputation are becoming more important in an era of greater competition, and PR firms need to use their intelligence to formulate tactics that will enhance their client's companies to shine. In the era of competition that has entered the field of public relations, image formation, maintenance and growth, including reputation, is vital (important).

Activities in Public Relations Public Relations

Basically public relations activities consist of activities that use verbal and nonverbal communication methods. Most of the communication activities verbal is a type of press such as writing press releases, writing presentations, and writing reports.

Press conferences, visitor guides, public relations meetings, broadcasters, information desks and other types of verbal communication can be found all over the city. Exhibitions are just one of many non-verbal communication activities including holding seminars, organizing events, collecting research, and collecting press clippings.

Writing, editing, media relations, event planning, speaking, producing, researching, program development, and consulting are some of the main public relations activities. Activities such as planning, coordination, and negotiation that take the longest are prioritized over those that do not.
There are many public relations activities, among others

  • Establish good relations with the community, and foster good relations with customers.
  • Building positive employee relations, including good communication and collaboration between top management and lower leaders.
  • We must maintain good relationships with those with whom we have worked, including community relations, companies around the company, and other similar relationships.
  • Develop a strong relationship with the government, such as a very good relationship.
  • Public relations work cannot thrive unless good media relations are maintained. Therefore, public relations must focus on appropriate and effective media relations so that no one is harmed.

The following matters of bad publicity are prohibited Public Relations :

  • Leaking secrets, corruption and other instances of misconduct are all types of ill-treatment people are entrusted with.
  • Providing information that cannot be traced, or cannot be accounted for and whose source is unknown.
  • A person who helps other individuals in need, but also participates in corrupt individuals and engages in immoral activities.
  • Using methods to control people and cause them to behave by making them feel attached to the methods of their situation

Duties of Public Relations Public Relations

Public Relations : Theory and Practice, published by Djanaid (1993), mentions two purposes of public relations: one function emphasizes the personal relationship between public relations and the public, while the other concentrates on facilitating commercial transactions.

Public Relations Functional Attributes

It is comparable to a "road leader". Because of this, the public relations department acts as a “front runner” with a stand-alone “group” of company objectives.

In this case, the role of public relations is to prepare public relations to accept organizational policies and discover public relations interests. It should also evaluate public and corporate behavior and recommend it to management.

Furthermore, it must also prepare the basis for mutual understanding, trust, and mutual assistance with the goals of the public or company it represents.

Public Relations Repair Operations

Any organization or institution with a public relations problem or crisis should use public relations to address this problem.

While Cutlip and Center describe PR as consisting of the following components. Work to help management succeed in their activities and achieve company goals.

Public Relations Promote two-way communication with the public

Serve the public and provide advice to business leaders to help make decisions in the best interest of the public. Maintain good relations between the organization and the public both inside and outside.

The Role of the Public Relations Officer

Public Relations has a key role, and can be divided into two main areas: the first is the “Managerial Role” at the “Management” level, which has three additional roles: communications expert, process facilitator, and communications. These three roles also have two subdivisions that each manage a different part of the three role functions. Accordingly, the existence of the following positions has been established:

Reliable receiving communication from experts

PR officers are considered expert-level professionals. He is a consultant who helps CEOs and other company leaders. The relationship between them is similar to that between a doctor and a patient.

Process facilitator for the problem solving process

That is, the PR manager is involved or an integral part of every operation. He joined the team regardless of whether he would be the team leader in managing crisis management.

Communication Ambassador

A public relations officer is someone who helps create public lines of communication and handles a variety of tasks, such as helping people and companies connect and find one another.

Communication with Technicians

Those in the public relations sector who carry out communication technology services are considered public relations officers.


PR career (Public Relations) in a company working to make the company more functional by dealing with bad press and public relations. Since public relations influences people's impressions of the company, it is considered to be in the company's favour. Public relations should not only use information to elicit public views about companies and their brand roles.

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