How to take care of trading business license and complete requirements – Do you know how to take care of a trading business license? to make a profit, businesses sometimes trade products or services with one another. One example is a transaction involving the sale of goods or services between two entities. Anyone can now do UD. Due to the fact that UD is a smaller company compared to businesses.

In fact, no official documents are required for a business license. Some companies need legitimacy, but usually others avoid it.

It is possible to obtain this legality in a number of ways. One of the two ways is to go to the Ministry of Industry and Trading to apply for a permit to start a business, or to obtain a permit from the local government.

Individual or private ownership is in UD. Regarding capital and business, they can take many forms: physical goods, money, and even services. In the end, it provides great value for money.

This UD permit has no evidence to support it. However, it is this local tradition that governs this UD rule. The many advantages to be gained from a Trading Business (UD) are due to its existence. Like something you can achieve on your own, which is very simple. In addition, UD also does not have to go through a lot of documents.

Here's How to Take Care of a Trading Business Permit

Although there are no regulations on this subject, Trading Business Licenses often have the following provisions.

Submit Identification Number for Trade Business Permit

You must have a registered certificate or SKT if you wish to apply for a BPWB, and you can complete this procedure at your local Tax Service office.

Submit your own identification number

Company Domicile Certificate (SKDP)

The letter of introduction for the application for a Company Domicile Certificate (SKDP) must be obtained at the local RT/RW. After that, the management can be handed over to the village and district governments.

The benefits of SKDP are numerous. They can be used for NPWB, SIUP, and as a way to apply for a bank. This SKDP will help the bank feel confident that you have a viable business.

Trade Business License (SIUP)

In addition, the existence of SIUP is very important. Safe trading is possible with SIUP. To obtain a SIUP, residents must submit an application to the local city or district government office.

To make a SIUP, you must have a photocopy of your KTP, photo of the owner or manager of the company, and proof of business address. There are three types of SIUP, namely the smallest micro SIUP, the middle medium SIUP, and the largest large SIUP.

Company Registration Certificate (TDP)

TDP is part of SIUP. So the fact that a company is registered with the TDP implies that it has a formal legal standing, giving it “personality.”

You will need the following to create a TDP:

  • You have to create a TDP application.
  • Notarized letters.
  • Company Domicile Certificate (SKDP).
  • Trade Transaction Business License (SIUP).
  • Family Card (KK) Director or other appointed person.
  • KTP of the director or person in charge.
  • If located in an office building) certificate of residence
  • To set up a trading business (UD), you must understand the necessary conditions.

Condition Trade Business Permit and the Need to Establish a Trading Business (UD):

  • Photocopy of Deed of Establishment or one of the many versions of the document.
  • It is possible that they will give you an appointment letter from the head office.
  • Photocopy of treasurer's NPWP. If possible, bring along photocopies of your passport and address certificate of the village (or local) head.
  • A copy of your license, or any document you received from an authorized body. Also, at the very least, the Village Chief will give you a certificate.


A place to make a business license

After all the requirements are met, you can apply for a SIUP by coming directly to the Industry and Trade Service where you live and visiting the SIUP Integrated Service Desk.

How much is the Fund for Making a Business License?

For a normal process of 8 to 10 working days, you will be charged IDR 1,500,000. For an express process of 3-5 working days, a fee of IDR 2,500,000 is charged.

Do MSMEs Require a Business License?

If you currently intend to enter the world micro small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), you will need to consider some form of SIUP license or commercial business license.


The many advantages to be gained from a Trading Business (UD) are due to its existence. There are no regulations on this matter, but Trading Business Licenses often have provisions as we have mentioned above.

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