Advertising Media: Definition, Function and Purpose in Business – Advertising media, most of the people who are engaged in the business sector, whether goods or services, must be familiar with advertising. But for those of you who are unfamiliar with advertising media, you can see the article that we provide below until it's finished.

The advertising medium has rapidly evolved into an incredibly complex form of communication, with thousands of different ways for businesses to get their message across to consumers.

The internet itself provides many advertising media such as videos, banners, advertorials, sponsored websites, branded chat rooms and so on. An example is a web-based national media such as, detikcom, kompascom, suaracom, tribunnewscom and other media.

Definition of Advertising Media

Definition of Advertising Media

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, advertising is defined as a process designed to help companies attract attention and persuade customers. To make consumers feel more compelled to buy goods, services or ideas, the launch of Kiddle provides an opportunity for companies to promote it.

Media advertisement is a medium that is used to deliver advertisements to the public by giving messages, stories or points about the product you want to advertise.

It's a very informative way to reach the masses and ask people to buy the product or take advantage of the services you advertise.

Advertising media has an important role in binding the direct communication relationship between the seller and the buyer. With the right advertisement, there will be no doubt about how you will be able to make your brand known to many people in a good way.

Advertising has become an easy job but it is difficult to attract people's attention for a longer time in this situation, where everyone is using technology and the internet.

Therefore, knowing what to show and how to deliver it, who to ask is a very significant concern in advertising.

This is one of the most important reasons why other people spend so much money to advertise their brand in the best possible way.

With the help of attractive advertising media, people can easily tell others about their brands, products and services in a great way.

Advertising media is something that refers to various media channels used to advertise brands or products in an attractive way.

Advertising media can be used to display promotional content and communicated in many of the best ways.

These methods include speech, text, video, images and many more. There are many different media that are used for this such as in the room, online radio, TV and so on.

Advertising Media Purposes

In KBBI there are two types of advertising, namely advertising that helps companies encourage customers to be interested in the company's goods and services.

Advertising also uses mass media, such as newspapers, magazines, television and public places to inform the public about the goods and services being advertised.

Advertising media is divided into 2, namely as follows:

  1. Mass media, media targets target a broad audience, in addition to environmental, industry, work or personal enthusiasm
  2. Non-Mass Media, the media restricts a limited number of readers to careers, industrial sectors or various other unique and limited categories

Tips for Choosing the Right Advertising Media

Before you use advertising media, you need to remember important points when choosing advertising media in order to get maximum profit, namely:

  • Target Audience
  • The nature of the product or service
  • Return on investment
  • exposure
  • Accessibility
  • future benefits
  • Competitor strategy

Advertising Media Methods

Below we have summarized the types of advertising media methods that you can try, as follows:

1. Print Media

Print media is the best way you can use to captivate people who like to read. Print media that you all often encounter in everyday life are newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, banners, and so on.

You encounter various advertisements when reading newspapers, for example rental advertisements or sales advertisements. It can help people get interested in and buy the product or service.

2. Television Media

Television media is the second most popular way to advertise products and services to reach a group of masses. Even people who can't read will still know the ads that are displayed.

Television Media

If you want to include more people who know about your advertisement, this television medium is the best choice for you to use.

Video advertisements are shown on television and no doubt even these advertisements will grab the attention of the public in a relatively short period of time.

3. Electronic Media

Next is electronic media, such as Newsletters and emails being the most professional and historical way to advertise something.

Electronic media can only be done in a limited way, and only reach certain people.

The most basic level of electronic advertising media includes video recordings, multimedia presentations, audio recordings, CD-ROMs, multimedia presentations, online content, and so on.

Digital media is the newest addition to the use of electronic media, and is one of the most powerful advertisements of our time.

4. Events and Experiences

Next are events and experiences, things that make people interested in advertising are activities and experiences.

It often happens that several companies and advertised products sponsor one of the events by giving away free samples or exhibiting as experiences.

This can be the best way to build product trust in customers.

5. Media Radio

The fifth advertising method that you can try is to use radio media. Ads for companies will be easily broadcast from various stations associated with Radio stations.

Recently, FM Radio channels have become popular, which you can use as an opportunity to display ads on these radio stations.

6.Digital Media

Digital media or mobile media is a type of advertising media that is no less popular. This can help product brands optimize their reach on the web.

By using digital advertising channels, you can reach your target audience through smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Digital Media

Digital advertising media assist businesses in fulfilling their audience across social media networks, search engines and various other applications.

By using digital advertising, you can find out about what your audience is searching for on the web, likes, dislikes or just plain.

This can help you to measure whether these users are the right audience for you or not.

In addition, you can also check the performance of digital ads through various analytical tools, which will be very useful for businesses in increasing lead generation, conversions, sales and profits.

Below are several types of online advertising from digital advertising media methods that you can try, namely

  1. Google search
  2. PPC
  3. AdWords
  4. Facebook
  5. bing
  6. Twitter
  7. tumblr
  8. Google Images
  9. Banner
  10. Retargeting / retargeting
  11. Flash
  12. Mobile
  13. In-game
  14. Reddit
  15. AdMob
  16. Gmail
  17. E-mail
  18. Videos
  19. YouTube
  20. Instagram
  21. Pinterest

Advertising Media Purposes

The purpose of advertising media is to persuade or influence the audience to make decisions that benefit advertising. Advertising companies are usually hired by the media to produce and distribute their advertisements. Everywhere one looks, there are advertisements: on television, in newspapers, on billboards, on radio, and in magazines.

Today, it is an important part of trade advertising. Through advertising, companies or people will advertise their goods or services. Finally, advertising is a notice used to persuade the public about various goods and services, all of which are intended to encourage sales.

Advertising Media Functions

Basically the purpose of advertising media is to invite or influence the audience to make decisions that benefit advertising, in other words so that customers buy or use the company's products or services.

Usually advertising companies are hired by the media to produce and distribute goods and products that are sold.

Here are 3 advertising objectives that you can see from three specific contexts, namely:

1. Commercial Advertising

Commercial advertising has the aim of supporting a marketing effort for a product being sold.

Where commercial advertising has two types, namely strategic advertising and tactical advertising.

Strategic advertising is advertising that is used to build a brand by analyzing the brand value and benefits of the products being marketed.

But if tactical advertising is advertising that is formulated to encourage the audience to make purchases of a product being marketed.

2. Corporate Advertising

This corporate or personal advertisement is considered as an effective strategy to strengthen the image of the company.

The aim is to help a positive image of the products sold by certain companies related to various marketing strategy instruments

3. Public Service Advertising

Public service advertisement is a social effort that aims to introduce an idea in an important complex in society.

Often at this time you find it in various state agencies, such as calls not to corruption, stay away from drugs, and so on.

Advertising Media Functions

The function of the advertising media is promotion, more precisely informing the general public about an item or service to influence that audience to make a decision on the product offered.

According to the book Marketing Communication Through Visual Design (2018) by Maria Fitriah, Terence A. Shimp provides five advertising functions, namely:

Broadcast Media Advertising

  1. Informing (Giving Information), in advertising must provide information to consumers about product brands, product uses, product advantages and disadvantages, and so on regarding the products sold by the company.
  2. Persuading (Persuading), Effective advertising will be able to invite consumers to try the product or use the service being promoted
  3. Reminding, in advertisements must maintain the good name of the company's brand, and need to provide attractive designations that make it easy for consumers to remember them.
  4. Adding Value, this happens by influencing consumer perceptions, effective advertising will make product brands seen as more elegant, stylish, prestigious, and superior to competitors
  5. Assisting, advertising needs to be a companion that facilitates various company efforts in carrying out marketing communication processes

Advertising Strategy in Business

According to Klotler and Keller (in Priansa 2017 page 183) in developing strategies and designing advertising programs, advertising managers must always start by identifying the target market and purchasing motives.

Furthermore, advertising managers must make five major decisions in making advertising strategies and programs which are commonly abbreviated as 5M, as follows:

  1. Mission, what is the purpose or specific mission of the advertisement?
  2. Money, what is the amount of funds or money used?
  3. Message, what is the main message you want to say?
  4. Media, what media will be used?
  5. Measurement, how to evaluate the results of the ad?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Print and Broadcast Advertising Media

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of print media and broadcast media advertising media, including:

Print Media Advertising

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of print media advertising, namely:

1. Magazine

The advantages and disadvantages of magazine print media are:

Print Media Advertising


  1. Ability to target specific audiences
  2. Magazines are noted for their longevity and high readership
  3. Attractive print quality and colors
  4. Ad sizes differ due to the flexible format of the magazine
  5. Can use magazines to insert ads


  1. Expensive price
  2. Magazine ads must be submitted 1 to 3 months before the publication date
  3. Too dense

2. Newspaper

The advantages and disadvantages of newspaper print media are:


  1. Newspapers provide a complete range
  2. Can be done quickly
  3. Ads can be quickly and easily changed
  4. Newspapers are very attractive to readers
  5. The special edition allows precise targeting
  6. Most newspapers are geographically targeted


  1. Newspapers do not have as long a reading age as magazines
  2. National advertisers must maintain separate handlers for each newspaper publisher
  3. There is great variation in print quality and color in various newspapers

Broadcast Media Advertising

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of broadcast media advertising, namely:

1. Television

The advantages and disadvantages of television print media are:

Tips for Choosing the Right Advertising Channel or Media


  1. Television costs are quite efficient
  2. Television allows the demonstration of products and services
  3. Television is adaptable, allowing for any combination of sound, color and motion
  4. It's hard for viewers to take their eyes off a commercial


  1. Expensive production costs
  2. With the remote, the audience has a lot of time to change channels
  3. Increasing use of promotional announcements by networks to entice viewers to view
  4. successive programs promoted and increased short commercials


The advantages and disadvantages of radio print media are:


  1. Radio is compliant, advertisements can be displayed almost whenever desired
  2. Commercial radio is relatively inexpensive to produce
  3. Radio can reach specific audiences


  1. Radio is only a medium that can only be heard by radio listeners
  2. The high level of audience fragmentation is due to the large number of radio stations

The Important Role of Advertising Media

In general, advertising media has a big role in the field of marketing and business for all companies.

Marketing is the activity of creating and using content that makes people curious to promote products (goods or services).

With the help of very attractive advertising media channels, it will not make the company feel insecure about making sales.

Such as the existence of an advertising budget, company policies, customer demographics and targets are important factors that determine the media options a company will choose over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Advertising Media

Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about advertising media, as follows:

Definition of Advertising Media

1. What are the benefits of advertising for society?

In general, the benefits of advertising for the public are to motivate customers for goods and services, while also attracting customer interest and attention to goods and services.

2. What are Examples of Notification Ads?

Examples of notification advertisements that you are quite familiar with are advertisements for community service, losses and so on. An example of a loss notification advertisement such as "Lost a Beat Motor with plate A 7658 BVI contact no 0897634568"


Advertising is a notification that serves to inform the public about a service or product. The purpose of advertising is to persuade or influence audiences to make decisions on the products offered.

Advertising media is something that refers to various media channels used to advertise brands or products in an attractive way. Advertising media can be used to display promotional content and communicated in many of the best ways.

Thus the article about the definition and purpose of advertising media for business, I hope the information we discussed above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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