The 8 Best Stock Chart Applications for Beginner Investors – For novice investors, the stock chart application is necessary, because this application is very helpful in guiding the buying and selling of shares. Currently there are many stock applications that can be used to monitor prices and movements. The complexity of today's technology allows you to monitor it every day.

Beginner investors are actually not required to use the application. This is because fundamental analysis can still be used to sell and buy equities.

The Stock Chart application can make deepening technical analysis easier for you. The application will then display stock price fluctuations with several technical indicators.

In addition, you can find out the related company's financial statements, debt and cash flow. This application also displays the latest news about issuers, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), macroeconomics and others.

To learn more about stock investment, the following is a selection of stock chart applications that novice investors can use:

Stock Chart Application For Beginner Investors

Stock Chart Application For Beginner Investors

The following are some of the best stock apps for beginner investors:

RTI Business

This app for stock diagrams is a necessity for novice investors. RTI Business provides a full range of features.

Stock Price Indices (JCI), news for charts, currency exchange rates, charts and prices of precious metals are all features.

Watchlists are one of the best features of RTI Business. This function keeps tabs on the various stocks you want.

You can download the RTI Business app from the Google Play Store for Android users. You can download it on the App Store for iPhone users.

RTI Business is one of the easiest to use stock apps. This is because the financial reports and ROI of certain stocks can be analyzed.

RTI Analytics

We recommend that you also take advantage of RTI Analytics for those of you who are familiar with RTI Business. Actually, these two apps are nearly identical. But YouTube stock analysts say the RTI Analytics app is the best version of RTI Business.

Different features are considered more comprehensive in RTI Analytics. One of its features is a chart that traders often use to track stock chart movements.

You can create lines to find support and resistance of a stock if you use this function.


Contrary to other stock charting applications, Stockbit has been touted for thousands of years as the investment sector.

This application has a basic appearance at first glance. You can discuss the stocks you own through this application.

That is, Stockbit is a platform for talking to stock investors. If you're still confused, many stock experts are here to help.

For novice investors this application is also recommended. You can get information about stocks through this application. You can also check the latest stock news on the app. Indeed, this one application also offers stock display and analysis. offers charts for those of you who want to buy stocks using technical analysis. This app is available for download via the Google Play Store and the App Store. displays not only stocks, but also changes in the prices of gold, nickel, charcoal and more. For coal investors, this application is quite profitable.

Most Mobile Mandiri Securities

You can choose Mandiri Sekuritas for those of you who want to invest in a state-owned securities company. This is because Mandiri Sekuritas already has the most applications. You can use the application if you are registered as a customer.

You only need to access if your name is already registered then click on the "Most Help" menu, select "Most Download".

As well as being easy to use, the Most app has proven to be one of the best apps on stock charts and won many awards.

eSmart BNI Sekuritas

These state-owned securities companies, specifically eSmart, exist for the purpose of stock trading. In addition to stock trading, this application also features stock news.

Later you will find stock market indices of various countries with transaction values. The eSmart application is also equipped with a stock price chart.

Ipot Ultima IndoPremier

This stock app is a platform controlled by one of the top securities company IndoPremier. Recommendations for IndoPremier can be found everywhere, including forums, communities and internet media.

This is because IndoPremier offers advantages that stock traders prefer. One of them is the minimum deposit fee which is very cheap. In reality, the number is not limited.

This way you can create a stock account, as long as the money you have equals the investments you buy. You can download the Ipot Ultima application from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Poems Id

This app for stock charts can also be used to monitor stock price fluctuations and trades. You can also sell and buy mutual funds in Poems Id, not only in stock trading. This application is highly recognized by Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia among investors.

Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia is a company in the form of shares and acts as an intermediary to acquire shares.

You must login first before using Poems Id. Make sure you register as a client of Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia.

Application Poems Id can be downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store. The following Stock Chart Apps can be used for trading and more. This app makes stock analysis easy.


In this article, we will open a question and answer session regarding the article that we have presented above, for more details, read below:

How to View Stock Charts

Certain websites such as Yahoo Finance, Investing, Tradingview, and online stock trading app Securities provide free access to stock charts.

How to Read Stock Movements?

You can find out how far the stock price has moved. The body candle is a rectangle with different colors. The longer the candle, the higher the stock trading activity. Conversely, short candle bodies indicate minimal price movement and frequent consolidation in the stock price.

How to Know if a Stock is Rising or Falling?

To find out whether the stock price will go up or down, pay attention to the position of the MA line. Usually when the MA line is below the stock price, the stock will continue to rise. Here the line serves as a support. So when it bounces off support, prices tend to move higher.


For novice investors, a stock chart app is necessary because it helps guide the buying and selling of stocks. Currently there are many stock applications that can be used to monitor prices and their movements.

To learn more about stock investing, in this article we have provided a selection of stock chart applications that novice investors can use. Stockbit is a platform for talking to stock investors. The application offers charts for those of you who want to buy stocks using technical analysis.

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