How to Register Binomo Complete and Latest – We will talk here about how to register for binomo and it turns out to be very easy to register on Binomo platform no problems or obstacles. Binomo is an online trading platform consisting of stockbrokers and providing services in the form of analysis in the time period of increasing or decreasing prices.

We all know that now there are many trading sites that guarantee multiple profits before discussing how to register binomo. One of them is binomo, registered in the country of Seychelles and named for the business of Tiburon Corporation. Many people register on the Binomo site to make a deposit.

How to Register for an Indonesian Binomo Account

In fact, you can create an official or legal Binomo account in two methods. One of them may be on the official website or directly on Android phones and iPhones via the Binomo application.

Some advice from me when you access the Binomo site and you get an error notification. I highly recommend visiting other official sites that are not prohibited by the Indonesian government.

How to Register for an Indonesian Binomo Account

The next steps for registering a Binomo account in 2021 are:

  1. The first step, first open the browser software, it can be Google Chrome or Safari.
  2. Next, visit the official website and click Create Account.
  3. Then, by completing your email address, your password, your currency and by checking the Terms & Agreement, register your account. If yes, click the Start Trading icon.
  4. Then immediately agree to start activating your Binomo account by clicking on the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  5. Then select the Verify Phone Number option.
  6. Enter the mobile number that is active at this stage and click the Save button.
  7. Return to the Profile menu in the next step and select Confirm Email.
  8. You need to provide an active email address at this step which is used as your Binomo account information.
  9. Finally, launch the Gmail program then look for the incoming Binomo message and press the Confirm Email option.
  10. You can immediately make a deposit and trade online once the Binomo account is confirmed.
  11. done.

You can test trade with Demo or Real Balance on Binomo right now. You can then use the official website provided to access the Binomo platform or use the application on your Android phone, PC or laptop.

Oh yes, then you want to try playing on a real or real account after successfully getting a profit on the demo balance. You can try to deposit binomo with real money instantly.

Binomo Account Types

Binomo offers 4 types of accounts. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. The following describes the types of Binomo accounts in more detail.

Binomo Account for Demo

You can use the Binomo test account to learn about Binomo trading and other features. A free account will be created immediately after registration with Binomo. There are only 23 assets to choose from in the free account. You will not use real money. Binomo will offer 14 million rupiah virtual money to experiment on a free account.

Standard Account

The next type of account is the regular Binomo account. When transacting on a regular account, you can use real money. The required deposit for the basic account is 140,000 IDR. The deposit bonus can be obtained up to 100%.

Possible profit on this account up to 85%. It takes 3 days to withdraw money. The assets on the basic account reach 41 options. It is recommended that you use this account for beginners who have previously been trained with a free account.

Gold Account

Binomo gold account is recommended to be used by traders who know it at least. For beginners, this account is a little dangerous. However, there's nothing wrong if you want to try. The minimum deposit for Binomo Gold is 7 million Rupiah. Possible profit on this account up to 90%.

It takes 24 hours to withdraw money. In the basic account, the assets provided exceed 54 choices. There is a unique cashback promotion up to 5% from gold account and up to 150% from deposit bonus. There is investment insurance on this account to secure the investment.

There is also a personal manager who helps identify preferences. Compared to regular accounts, gold accounts have greater earning potential.

VIP account

VIP account is the last type of Binomo account. In fact, the features on the VIP account are identical to the Gold account. However, the quality is much better in this case. The minimum deposit for the Binomo VIP account is IDR 14 million. Possible profit on this account up to 90%. It only takes 4 hours to withdraw money.

How to Register Binomo Complete and Latest

The assets available in the basic account cover 61 possibilities. For VIP accounts up to 10% are special cashback promotions and deposit bonuses up to 200%. You will get risk free trading features instantly. You can access the functionality in the rewards panel at any time.

You will benefit from the risk free features. If the business is successful, the balance will increase, but if the trade is unsuccessful, the balance will not decrease. Interesting right? However, for expert traders this account is recommended.


Binomo is an online trading platform, registered in the state of Seychelles, named for the business of Tiburon Corporation. Many people register on the Binomo site to make deposits and trade with stockbrokers.

It's easy to register and not experience any difficulties and obstacles. Binomo offers 4 account types, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. Binomo gold account is recommended for traders who at least know it.

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