How to Register BPUM BRI Online 2021 - The government will certainly continue the MSME assistance program in 2021. The following is information regarding the terms and conditions for how to register BPUM BRI and review MSME support online in 2021 via the BRI-E form link /bpum.

Assistance for MSMEs or Productive Micro Business Presidential Assistance (BPUM) who receive Rp. 2.4 million for small business manager. The Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs has submitted 2.4 million entrepreneurs to the Ministry of Finance for construction work. Registration must be carried out by prospective participants by fulfilling all requirements.

How to Register BPUM BRI Online 2021

MSME Assistance Registration Requirements

The MSME assistance list requirements are divided into two types, namely:

MSME BLT Assistance Requirements

Are there requirements to get MSME assistance in 2021 provided by BRI and other government banks? The following conditions are below:

  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI)
  • Have a Resident Identification Number (NIK)
  • Have a micro business as stated in the application letter from the BPUM Prospective BPUM Applicant and its attachments which are an integral part.
  • Does not include employees from BUMN / BUMD, ASN and TNI / POLRI
  • Currently there are no loans or financing received from banks and KUR
  • Micro entrepreneurs with different ID cards and business domiciles can attach a Business Certificate (SKU).

PKH KPN BLT Assistance Requirements

  • People are poor or at risk of poverty
  • KPM PKH members who have been considered
  • Own a business

This assistance can be used without any special registration, if the prospective KPM PKH BLT recipient of IDR 3.5 million is registered in the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS).

Register for MSMEs Online via cellphone

Registering for UMKM online via cellphone, namely the first, simplest and easiest way to register for BLT UMKM 2021 online is to register using a cellphone or gadget. There is no direct central connection to the ministry. You need to register with a local proposal agency near you.

How to Register BPUM BRI Online 2021

The following are the steps if you want to register for MSME assistance recipients via cellphone

  1. The first step is to prepare your cellphone with data sharing. Make sure your internet network is good enough.
  2. Buka aplikasi Google dan masukkan kata-kata berikut “Link untuk mendaftar pemerintahan Bandung. Untuk contoh ini, ubah nama Bandung untuk mencerminkan wilayah anda.
  3.  Various sets of regional registration link information are displayed. Please find out if this is the case and check if the registration link is really official from the government.
  4.  If not found, please search on social media such as Facebook. Please add a search box for MSME assistance in your city as in the steps above.
  5.  If an actual official link is found, please fill in your biodata in the online registration form and attach various personal and business documents.
  6.  After you have successfully registered, the next step is to wait for the government to announce whether you qualify for assistance.

Completeness of the Requirements for Disbursement of Umkm Bpum Assistance

Recipients of MSME assistance must fill out documents, namely: Statement Letter, Statement of Absolute Responsibility (SPTJM) and / or Power of Attorney for BPUM Funds.

His party explained, to avoid fraud, his party emphasized that if the application was submitted only at the bank and there was no charge. After the documents are complete, the assistance that enters the account can be used immediately.

Completeness of Data in the Disbursement of Umkm Assistance as below:

  1. Saving book
  2. ATM card
  3. Personal identity

To get the disbursement of umkm assistance, only 3 requirements are needed as above.

Check BPUM Receipts

Apart from going through the website, the BPUM BRI test is notified directly to the related MSME actors via SMS. If you receive an SMS, it means that the recipient has been registered as a recipient.

Check BPUM Acceptance Below:

  1. Find BRI beneficiaries for the BPUM eform by accessing the site directly at
  2. Enter the data for the KTP number and confirmation code in the column provided.
  3. Click "process inquiry". A screen explains whether the user is registered or not.


Check BPUM Acceptance Below

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