Beef Supply from Australia is Guaranteed Stable – Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), the organization that ensures the supply of fresh and frozen Australian beef, says supply is stable this year. Thus, residents do not need to worry about a shortage of beef.

Christian Haryanto, MLA business development manager International Market, explained that despite the fires in Australia, there is no shortage of beef in Indonesia.

“Supply in Australia itself had a fire last year, the drought was quite disturbed. But supply in Indonesia is stable, there is no shortage of supply," said Haryanto, Monday (19 April 2021) in Jakarta.

Beef according to Haryanto

According to Haryanto, MLA always supplies up to 50,000 tonnes of Australian beef per year on average.

According to him, during an outbreak, the trend of beef consumption fluctuated during an outbreak. But lately, he continued, the trend of Australian beef consumption has started to tend to increase.

"So the form of trimming is a tunderloin silo, not a cow. The trend went up and down during the epidemic, currently consumption tends to increase," he said.

Beef Supply

Haryanto explained that Australian beef is safe and healthy to eat. This is because Australian beef contains iron to zinc, which is also known as low-fat zinc.

He continued, there are three pillars that have always been held by MLA to uphold the excellence of Australian beef, namely a good home, peace of mind, and sheer pleasure.

There are three pillars that MLA always holds:

  1. Nice house, seen as Australian beef grown in a good location, namely Australia, which has the climate and weather. The most natural conditions with some forages, make the meat made more tender, smoother and free from addictive substances and artificial hormones.
  2. It means that Australian meat is made with strict food safety mechanisms and standards to ensure quality.
  3. Pure pleasure, where the hard work of several Australian breeders can be tasted by all customers, both in Indonesia and in other countries.

"Moreover, the Australian Beef Supply has been certified halal by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), so that it is halal for public consumption, especially Muslims because it is slaughtered according to Islamic law," concluded Haryanto.


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