How to Return Goods at Shopee COD 100% Success – Are you looking for how to return goods at the COD shop? Well, you're in the right place to find out how to get out of this problem, so please read this article until it's finished.

Consumers often feel dissatisfied or experience problems in using Shopee's cash on delivery service. Of course, if the product doesn't fit, you have to return the COD Shopee item for fairness.

Definition of COD in General

If you don't know, COD stands for Cash On Delivery. Word for word we know that this term comes from English.

Cash means cash while On Delivery means when sent. Literally, cash on delivery means cash payments when the goods are sent and arrive at their destination.

According to the origin of the word, what is meant by cash on delivery is a means of payment in buying and selling transactions, where consumers pay when the goods ordered arrive at their destination.

In the case of buying and selling transactions using the cash on delivery payment method, the buyer makes a payment when the goods he has purchased arrive at the house or at a predetermined place. In other words, sellers and buyers meet in person at the agreed place to complete the transaction.

Definition of COD in General

In general, cash on delivery can only be done if the seller and buyer are in the same city. While payments are usually in the form of cash, check or giro depending on the agreement between the buyer and the seller.

Cash on delivery can be used to send various types of goods with cheap and affordable shipping costs. Apart from that COD JNE and other expeditions are also very easy and there is a pick-up option.

Returning Shopee cash on delivery goods allows you to complain to the seller if you receive a product that is damaged, incomplete or even inappropriate. In principle, Shopee cash on delivery items must be returned by attaching evidence in the form of photos or videos.

Now delivery services that offer cash on delivery at Shopee include among others Shopee Express Standard, Shopee Express Save, ID Express, J&T Economy and also J&T Express. You can return Shopee items in cash upon delivery by following the correct terms and procedures.

Shopee COD Terms and Conditions for Return of Goods

Of course, consumers who return goods received from shopee can do so subject to the provisions that apply. Basically, the delivery status must not have been received and the user may not click the Order Received button yet.

You have a maximum of 3 days to review Shopee cash on delivery items. If it doesn't fit or the item is damaged, you can request a refund or item.

Then the process of returning goods at Shopee COD is more or less the same as other shipping methods. Then what are the conditions for returning COD Shopee goods?

Terms and Conditions for Return of Goods

  1. Consumers have 3 x 24 hours to check the goods, if they are not suitable, they can request cash on delivery.
  2. Customers need to provide evidence in the form of video unboxing and photos of the items they wish to return.
  3. Photos of packaging conditions if there is damage in transit and photos of packaging contents if the product is incomplete.
  4. Photo of a valid shipping label with receipt number.
  5. Chat with sellers on Shopee and report a problem with the item sent.
  6. Provide proof of delivery status from the Shopee app.
  7. Recipient's photo.
  8. Give clear reasons for returning COD Shopee items.
  9. Ready to return Shopee Cash on Delivery items within a maximum of 5 days after application approval.
  10. Damage or loss of goods is not the responsibility of the consumer. If the goods become problematic due to consumer action, complaints cannot be made.

Documents for Return of Goods at Shopee COD

Consumers must provide concrete evidence so that the return process can be processed quickly. Then special provisions apply to receipts for returning cash on delivery of goods as follows.

  1. Prepare at least 3 photos that explain the condition of the item.
  2. Maximum file size is 10 MB per photo.
  3. Prepare videos with a duration of 1 minute and a maximum size of 30 MB.
  4. Photos and videos should be clear, not blurry and pixelated.
  5. Especially for damaged products, use close-up photos or videos to make it clearer.
  6. Especially for counterfeit goods, it is recommended to use videos as evidence.
  7. Give the seller a screenshot of the chat or chat history.

Examples of Items to be Returned

What about sample photos or videos of items to be returned? It all depends on what reason you are returning Shopee Cash on Delivery items, each has its own criteria as follows.

Damaged goods

  1. Clearly indicate non-functional items.
  2. If possible, record a simulation of using the product with explanations.
  3. Make sure the shipping information on the package is legible and matches the shipping records.
  4. Show the packaging of goods received, both outside and inside.


  1. Please indicate the number of items received clearly on the package.
  2. Look at the shipping details to see if they match the receipt number.
  3. Show the packaging of goods from the outside and inside.

Wrong Item

  1. View all items received clearly.
  2. Look at the shipping data and read it properly according to the receipt.
  3. Take photos of the outside and inside of the package.

Imitation goods

  1. Document the process of scanning the QR code on items received to verify their authenticity.
  2. Direct comparison of the original product with the goods received.
  3. Comparison of the packaging of the original goods and the goods received.

How to Return Shopee COD Items

Then how do you return Shopee COD items? Of course it's easier to use the Shopee application because you can immediately access the item return menu if something doesn't look right.

How to Return Shopee COD Items

You are required to take photos and videos as proof of the process of receiving goods so that you don't just send them back. Below we show you how to refund Shopee cash on shipping items in full order.

When the courier arrives and sends cash on delivery, please accept. Next, prepare a cellphone or other recording device.

  1. First take a package picture of the package and the receipt number.
  2. Continue by taking a video of unpacking the package from the packing department and then looking at the delivery receipt number. Record until the item comes out of the box and then make sure it's clear. After you're done shooting, take a photo from an almost identical angle to the product page.
  3. If there is damage or inappropriate goods or other problems, you can chat with the seller and then take a screenshot as proof. To return goods at Shopee COD, please open the Shoppe application then press my menu
  4. If you have entered the Shopee profile, continue by pressing the sent menu
  5. My order appears, please find the item shipped. Be careful not to click on the accept order button but on the item compose area to enter it
  6. After entering your item order details, simply scroll down the screen and click on the “Send Back” button.
  7. The menu appears again, you can go directly to select a reason
  8. Proceed by selecting a reason to return the relevant Cash on Delivery Shopee item.
  9. As a next method, please press add photo, then upload a photo of the packaging and contents of the item and chat with the seller.
  10. Then on the explanation menu, enter briefly and clearly the reason for returning the item at Shopee COD.
  11. After that you can press choose solution to choose how you want to restore it
  12. You can choose the menu for returns and refunds or refunds (partial or full) without returning goods. It would be better if you choose to return goods and funds so that all parties do not suffer losses.
  13. The refund will then be displayed and hit send
  14. After that, just press submit to confirm
  15. A return details menu will appear along with a notification that your request has been successfully submitted.
  16. Wait for the notification from the Shopee application or email that the return has been successfully received. After that, enter my order and press your return details.
  17. Then there is a status waiting for you to return the item, then there is a maximum time limit. Continue pressing Select delivery service
  18. You can choose drop-off shipping for free, so you won't be charged anything. Next press Confirm
  19. After that, shipping information will appear, please save the receipt number.
  20. Pack the items received neatly, followed by the preparation of paper and pens. Write the receipt number from Shopee at the top, followed by the recipient's name, cellphone number, and address. While the sender information is at the bottom.
  21. Bring the package to the nearest COD Shopee service delivery agent or office, then make the delivery.
  22. After the item is sent, the status on the Shopee application will change to Processed.
  23. Usually, wait between 3 and 5 business days for the item to reach the seller. If the seller has confirmed, your money will be returned in the form of ShopeePay credit.


In the following, we will discuss questions and answers, so stay tuned for the information below

Can Reject Goods During COD?

If the buyer refuses the cash on delivery because he is sure he did not order, the courier will notify via the relevant courier application that the buyer does not feel like ordering and the item will be returned to the warehouse to then be sent back to the seller.

How to return goods at the shopee

What if a Shopee Order Has Been Canceled But Still Sent?

So the order was canceled but still shipped. Can be canceled if there is confirmation from the seller. When the item arrives, all you have to do is notify that the item has been canceled and the courier can return the item to the seller at Shopee.


Shopee COD stands for Cash On Delivery. If you want to return goods at Shopee COD, then you complete it with proof in the form of a photo or video. Consumers can return Shopee goods by cash on delivery with the conditions that we have explained above, please read them.

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