Easy way to return Shopee goods via J&T


Easy way to return Shopee goods via J&T

Rancakmedia.com – Are you looking for information on how to return an item? So, of course you can return Shopee goods via J&T, this article will be easy for you to understand.

Returning Shopee goods via J&T Express is required when you buy goods that do not match your wishes. This method can be done as long as the order is still within the Shopee guarantee period and meets certain requirements.

The Shopee guarantee is quoted from the official Shopee website and is a payment storage feature from Shopee. The money is then passed on to the seller if the order is received well and arrives at the buyer's delivery location.

If the goods received have problems such as: damaged or not suitable, the buyer has the right to return the goods as long as they have not clicked the "order received" button.

There are many processes that can be done to return Shopee items to the seller. One of them is returning Shopee goods via J&T Express.

A Brief History of J&T

J&T Expedition is one of the courier expeditions that collaborates with Shopee. This company offers goods delivery services from sellers to buyers.

The market shift from traditional markets to digital markets via the internet has made people's need for expedition services very high.

This change is reflected in the fact that shipping, which was once common for manufactured and manufactured goods, is now increasingly dominated by trade goods.

In facing these opportunities, J&T is here to provide competitive and innovative advantages. J&T expedition service provider was founded on August 20 2015. PT. Global Jet Express was founded and opened its head office in Pluit, North Jakarta.

Even though this company is a new company in the field of expedition services, J&T is optimistic that it will develop into a superior service and become the main choice of the Indonesian people.

The success achieved may be very good considering that J&T's history itself is not that long. The reason is, the founder of J&T, Jet Lee, has been building the Oppo Indonesia network for the last three years.

So when J&T Express was founded and started operating, they didn't have to start from scratch because they already had distribution channels in Indonesia.

Apart from Jet Lee as the founder and first CEO of J&T, there are other influential figures. He is Robin Lo, who served as Managing Director or direct right hand of the CEO when J&T was formed.

Thanks to Robin's expansive strategy, J&T Express quickly became known to the wider public and became a serious challenger to logistics companies that had been around for decades.

J&T Express superior service

The presence of J&T Express offering expedition services is not without benefits. The services offered by J&T Express certainly have many advantages which make it a strategy for everyone to entrust shipping expeditions via J&T Express.

What are the benefits offered by J&T Express, including the following:

24 Hour Nonstop Service

Where there will be a delivery service every day for 365 days without national holidays or working hours. According to the owner of J&T Express, the company strives to provide services in the form of daily deliveries without exception, both on national holidays and on red days and national holidays. This will certainly make it very easy for customers to send goods at any time.

Regional coverage throughout Indonesia

J&T Express can now reach almost all regions of Indonesia, even remote areas. Where there are 100 parcel distribution centers or gateways and more than 4,000 parcel delivery points throughout Indonesia.

In addition, this company has more than 30,000 employees who are superior and trained in their fields. Plus thousands of J&T Express fleets that support every delivery between islands in Indonesia.

Real Time System Monitoring

With this system, every customer can track all sent J&T Express packages by entering the delivery note number online, either through the application or the official website.

How to Return Shopee Items Via J&T Express

Quoted from the Shopee Help Center on how to easily return Shopee items via J&T Express. The following is the procedure that can be followed to return Shopee goods via J&T Express:

Open the Shopee Application

Open Shopee application installed on the cellphone. Then select the "Me" menu to open the purchase history profile and the delivery process for ordered goods.

Select Items to Return

Then from the profile click the 'Order Received' menu, then 'Order Details' then select the 'Request Return' menu for the item you want to return.

Select Reason for Return

The application will display options for various reasons for returning goods. This includes failure to receive orders, receipt of incomplete products, incorrect product sizes, damaged products, and non-genuine products.

Select J&T Expedition Services and Enter the Receipt Number

Next, select the J&T express service as the courier to return the goods to the seller. Then write the return receipt number on the return details page. If you want to download the receipt, click the “Email me” menu; to send a receipt to print later.

Pack Items

Pack the items to be returned neatly and safely. Don't forget to attach the printed receipt to the packaged item box.

Come to the nearest J&T office

Then go to the nearest J&T expedition office with the goods to be returned. Hand over the package with a note that you want to return the item.

Wait for receipt from J&T

Wait for the receipt number from J&T, the receipt number can be provided to the seller upon request.

Upload Proof of Return

Upload shipping information (example: receipt number, shipping document, or receipt) using the “Enter Proof of Delivery” button on the Return Details page in the Shopee application.


The process for returning Shopee goods via J&T is forwarded to the seller or Shopee by J&T Express. Next, your money will be returned via ShopeePay.

Return shipping costs for Shopee goods via J&T Express will be borne by Shopee. As long as your item measures 50cm long x 50cm wide x 50cm high and weighs 50kg.

For returns of Shopee Mall merchandise, Shopee will cover shipping costs for returning products purchased from Shopee Mall sellers using the drop-off method.

Meanwhile, for returning goods overseas, you will be given the local address to return the goods to.

The following is an explanation of how to return Shopee goods via J&T which is quite simple. Hopefully the information above can help.


The questions and answers we will explain below:

Why Can't You Make a Shopee Return

Return requests on Shopee must be approved by the seller. The seller may refuse the buyer's request to return the goods if the reason is not valid. Buyers must have photo evidence of the condition of the goods when received.

How much is the return fee from Shopee

Shipping costs only exist if agreed between the seller and the buyer. So, for you sellers, if you get consumers who want to return the goods you sold, you don't need to worry.

How Long Does a Shopee Refund Take?

Buyers can return products a maximum of 5 (five) days after the application is approved. The Shopee team will check the product first for 3-5 working days after the product is returned to the Shopee warehouse.

What if Shopee Refuses to Return the Item?

What happens if a Shopee refund is rejected? If the application is rejected, the buyer can negotiate first with the seller until an agreement is reached. If buyers and sellers still cannot reach an agreement, sellers can ask for help from the Shopee team.


J&T Expedition is one of the courier expeditions that collaborates with Shopee. This company offers delivery services from seller to buyer. Returning Shopee goods via J&T Express is required when you buy goods you don't like.

That's the discussion we have conveyed above, hopefully this information can make it easier for you to return goods from Shopee.

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