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The Latest Way to Return Items on Shopee – If you are looking for a way to return Shopee goods that do not match your order, here is the process for returning goods at Shopee, see the details below.

Do you know how to return your order from Shopee? Of course, you can do this if you feel that the item you bought from Shopee does not match the product description. Of course, there are conditions that apply to requests for returns of these items.

You can only request a return if the product is defective or damaged, the product is wrong in size, color or the product is different from the description and there is an agreement between the seller and the buyer. If none of the elements are met, you cannot request return of goods.

Overview of the Shopee Application

Before going straight to the tutorial on returning goods on Shopee, if you are a beginner you may not be familiar with Shopee. Shopee is one of the largest e-commerce companies based in Singapore with offices in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, Shopee is not only an e-commerce site, but Shopee is also known for its excellence online sales or online purchases that other e-commerce companies do not have. If you don't have the Shopee application, please check the previous article about it The Most Complete Way to Create a Shop on Shopee for Beginners

The most important thing is the free shipping feature or often called free shipping. With the terms and conditions provided by Shopee. Of course, this can make it easier for you when shopping at Shopee.

Shopee's features are also complete, there are lots of discounts or discounts, and there are many other interesting promotions that you can get. You can even use the product return feature or service if the product is not suitable.

Returning goods on Shopee is very easy, you just need to follow the steps we will provide below.

Refund and Item Policy

Of course you are a user shopee application No? For example, when you shop via Shopee, the product you receive does not match the product photo you saw when ordering.

There is a possibility that the product may be damaged during shipping. To overcome this, you can request a return. However, there is a policy for doing this, here are the details:

Request for Return of Goods or Funds

Subject to the provisions of this refund and merchandise policy and terms of service, buyers may request a return of purchased goods (“Goods”) or a refund before the end of Shopee's warranty period as specified in the terms of purchase.

Shopee Guarantee is a service provided by Shopee at the request of users to assist users in dealing with certain conflicts that may arise during transactions.

Users can communicate with each other privately to resolve their differences or contact local authorities to help them resolve disputes arising before, during, or after using Shopee's guarantee.

Buyers can only request a return or refund in the following situations:

  1. The goods have not been received by the buyer.
  2. The goods are defective and/or damaged when received.
  3. The seller has sent goods to the buyer that do not meet the agreed specifications (e.g. wrong size, color, etc.)
  4. The goods handed over to the buyer are very different from the description given by the seller in the goods list or through a personal agreement with the seller, the seller must send confirmation of the agreement to Shopee.

Buyer Applications Sent Via Site

Shopee will review each buyer's application on a case-by-case basis and at its sole discretion, will determine whether the buyer's application is successful or not.

If the buyer has taken legal action against the seller, the buyer can provide Shopee with an official notification from the relevant authorities and request that Shopee continue to hold the purchase money pending an official decision. Shopee will determine, at its sole discretion, whether it is necessary to continue to hold purchase monies.

Don't Change Your Mind

Except as regulated in this refund and goods policy, buyers cannot request a return of goods or funds through the Shopee guarantee because they have changed their mind.

Seller's Rights

If Shopee receives a request for a return or refund from a buyer, Shopee will review and investigate the buyer's request before notifying the seller in writing.

Except in cases where the buyer's request requires further confirmation or further verification involving the seller, Shopee will review each seller's response on a case-by-case basis and determine, at its sole discretion, whether the buyer's request is valid given the situation presented by the successful seller or not.

In some cases where the seller objects to decisions made by Shopee, the seller can respond to the buyer's request in a written notification in accordance with the steps provided by Shopee. Seller must respond within the time period specified in the written notice (“Specified Time Limit”).

If Shopee does not receive a response from the seller within the specified time period, Shopee will assume that the seller has no further response to the buyer's request and will continue to make decisions on the buyer's request without further notification to the seller.

Return Terms

To enjoy a hassle-free return of goods, buyers must ensure that goods, including free or included items such as accessories provided by the seller with the goods ordered, are returned to the seller in the condition received by the buyer when delivery will be returned. Shopee will instruct buyers to take photos of the goods after receiving them.

General Conditions for Returning Goods on Shopee

How do I return items I received on Shopee? Maybe you often wonder what to do when you receive a package that doesn't match your expectations, right? But before that, it would be good to know the terms and conditions listed on the Shopee marketplace first.

  1. You can request a return if the goods arrive to you, the product is defective, damaged or wrong
  2. Merchandise return requests must be approved by the respective seller
  3. The seller may refuse to return the item because he “changed his mind”.
  4. The seller and you have made an agreement first, if the product you receive is not suitable, you can ask for a return
  5. You must have proof in the form of a photo of the product when you receive it
  6. You have not completed the transaction process. To find out, you can see the order status. If
  7. If you haven't clicked on order received, you can still request a product return
  8. Returned goods do not exceed the Shopee guarantee period
  9. The money will be returned to you when the seller has received the item you returned
  10. The amount credited to your account will be listed as ShopeePay balance or credit card balance.
  11. The amount will be adjusted to the payment method you choose during the product ordering process.

Responsibility for Shipping Costs

In the event that an unexpected error occurs on the part of the seller (i.e. the product is damaged, defective or wrongly sent to the buyer), the seller or buyer will bear the shipping costs for returning the goods according to the agreement between the seller and the buyer.

In scenarios where the seller and buyer have a dispute regarding who is responsible for the shipping costs of the returned item, Shopee will, at its sole discretion, determine which party is responsible for the shipping costs of the returned item.

There are several provisions regarding postage costs (delivery costs) when returning goods, namely:

For Local or Domestic Orders (non-Shopee Mall)

Shopee covers the shipping costs for returning goods if the user uses a shipping service with the following size limitations.

  1. J&T Express
    Size: Length 50cm x Width 50cm x Height 50cm
    Weight: 50kg
  2. Alfatrex
    Dimensions: Length 100cm x Width 100cm x Height 100cm
    Weight: 20kg

If users use other shipping services, make sure to use a shipping service with trackable shipping.

After that, upload shipping information (for example receipt number, shipping document, or receipt) using the "Enter Shipping Information" button on the return details page in the Shopee application.

For Shopee Mall Orders

Shopee will pay shipping costs for returning products purchased from Shopee Mall sellers, excluding international orders.

For International or Overseas Orders

Shopee does not cover shipping costs for returning products overseas. A local address will be provided to the user to send orders for return. Please note that it is prohibited to send directly returned packages to foreign addresses.

However, the above provisions do not apply if the user has selected the “Order accepted” option. Requests to return goods received from Shopee cannot be made because the Shopee guarantee is no longer valid.

However, if users experience problems with the order after confirming receipt, users can follow the steps below.

Contact the seller directly via the Shopee Chat feature to discuss how to solve the problem. Contact “Shopee Customer Service” in the app for further assistance if the seller does not respond after 2 days.


The buyer's money will be returned only after Shopee receives confirmation from the seller that the seller has received the returned item. If Shopee does not receive news from the seller within the specified time period.

Shopee is free to refund the relevant amount to the buyer without further notification to the seller. Refunds will be made to the buyer's credit card or ShopeePay account as required.

Buyer and Seller Communication

Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 4 above, Shopee encourages users to communicate with each other if there is a problem with a transaction before submitting a request for a refund of money or goods to Shopee.

Since Shopee is only a platform where users trade, buyers must first contact sellers directly via the Shopee website or app for any issues related to purchased items before submitting a refund or item request to Shopee.

Safe Return of Goods on Shopee

Shopee users can request a return if the goods received do not match the order. Returning goods to Shopee is easy as long as the order is still within the Shopee guarantee period and the "order received" option has not been pressed.

Shopee Guarantee is a feature where payments to sellers are temporarily withheld by Shopee during the guarantee period. The money is passed on to the seller when the order is received and arrives at the delivery point.

The time period is calculated based on the day of delivery and the estimated delivery time from the date of payment confirmation.

Delivery days are the number of days the seller needs to prepare for delivery, while estimated delivery time is the average delivery time required by logistics partners.

In this article, you will learn more about how to quickly return goods on Shopee, from the requirements to the application and process and also the following information how to download videos on shopee, see more details by clicking the link we have provided.

Terms and Conditions for Returning Goods on Shopee

Shopee users who wish to request a return of goods will be asked for proof by Shopee. The conditions for returning goods on Shopee are as follows.

All Stores Except Shopee Mall

  1. Funds are held on Shopee when buyers submit claims to receive goods in different conditions. For example, the wrong item was sent, does not function properly or is damaged, is not original, the item is different from the photo or description in the shop window.
  2. Buyers must provide photo or video evidence that clearly shows the reason for the return. Issues are tracked if the seller disagrees or refuses and Shopee provides assistance.
  3. The Shopee team collects the necessary evidence from buyers, including photos or videos showing defects or damage to the goods and photos of the goods packaging with a receipt attached to the packaging.

Shopee Mall

  1. Funds will be held at Shopee if the buyer returns the item because he received the item in a different condition.
  2. Buyers can return goods up to 5 days after application approval.
  3. The Shopee team will check the goods first 3-5 working days after the goods are returned to the Shopee warehouse.
  4. Buyers must provide photo or video evidence that clearly shows the reason for the return.

If the seller agrees to return the goods but does not accept the returned goods, the buyer must prepare the following documents.

  1. Official proof of delivery, for example a valid receipt number.
  2. Photo of the package with shipping information such as courier, tracking number, buyer and seller names, contact number, and delivery address.

Goods Return Process on Shopee

This is a safe and easy way to return items on Shopee that do not match your order. How to return goods that are not suitable for Shopee is as follows.

Open the Shopee Application

Open the Shopee application installed on your cellphone, then select the "Me" menu to open the purchase history profile and the delivery process for ordered goods.

Select the "Sent" menu.

Next, on the profile page, select the Sent menu.

Select the item to be returned

Click the "Order Details" option then select the "Propose Return" menu for the product to be returned. Then select one of the return reasons to obtain a return authorization. Here are some return reasons to choose from.

  1. Didn't receive the order.
  2. The product received is incomplete. For example, a product part is missing or missing.
  3. Wrong product received. For example wrong size or color, different product.
  4. You have received a product with physical damage. For example, the product is dented, scratched or cracked.
  5. Received a damaged product. For example, the product is not working properly.
    Do not accept non-original products.

Send Evidence and Explanation

Describe the goods to be returned, after selecting the reason for returning the goods, provide proof and description of the goods to be returned. Then select the appropriate solution in the "Choose a solution" option then click "Send".

Returning goods

User query results are notified via Shopee application notifications and email. Once approved, users will be asked to return Shopee goods according to the goods delivery procedures listed in the Shopee application.

Meanwhile, how do I request a return of goods from Shopee that have been completed? According to Shopee's help page, a return request can only be made if the user has not selected “Order Received” on the “Order Details” page.

The reason is, Shopee's guarantee on orders will be terminated and payment will be released to the seller after the user makes it.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the user has received the order in good condition before selecting “order received”.

Returning Shopee COD Items

Shopee has a variety of payment and delivery methods to make it easier for users to shop, including cash on delivery or cash on delivery.

Shopee Cash on Delivery or pay on location allows the buyer to make payment when the goods sent by the courier have been received by the buyer. Shopping at Shopee COD is very convenient, so many users use this payment method.

Is it possible to request a return of goods from Shopee that were received with Shopee COD? As with other methods, if the goods received do not match the order, the buyer can make a return.

The return procedure by cash on delivery is in accordance with the return procedure mentioned above. Buyers can request to return the goods and the seller will receive a notification.

After that, the buyer can confirm to the seller that the purchased item will be replaced with another item, or choose to return the money to the buyer.

Note that returning goods to Shopee using the COD system can only be done before the buyer selects the "Order received" option.


The following are questions and answers which we will provide in detail below:

How Long Does a Shopee Refund Take?

Buyers can return products a maximum of 5 (five) days after the application is approved. The Shopee team will check the product first for 3-5 working days after the product is returned to the Shopee warehouse.

What if the Shopee Seller Refuses to Return the Goods?

If the seller rejects the return request and submits a problem to Shopee, the Shopee team will process it by asking the seller to provide the following supporting documents:

  1. Chat history with buyers.
    Proof that the seller is trying to resolve the problem with the buyer.
  2. Valid proof of delivery
    Proof of shipping costs and tracking number, if applicable.
  3. Photo or information on the package sent
    Includes shipping service information, tracking number, seller and buyer names, contact number, shipping address, and postmark.

If the proof of delivery provided is valid, the buyer's refund request will be rejected. On the other hand, if the seller cannot provide proof, Shopee will refund the buyer's money in full.

How many days for returns on Shopee?

The total time needed by the Shopee team to make a decision to return goods and funds is 3 days to: Collect supporting data needed to strengthen the buyer's application. Check and contact the seller.


Do you understand the information we provided above? That's the article that we can provide. Hopefully you can use the discussion above when your order doesn't match what you want. Hopefully the return process can run easily. Don't forget to read the latest information on our site. That's all and thank you.

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