How to Register for the Latest Online Shopee Food Merchant – To register for an online shoppee food merchant, you can do it online, you only need to do a number of methods, which we have provided the information for in this article, so to find out the details, please see the further information below.

Currently, the food ordering and delivery system is more advanced. There are already various food delivery platforms in Indonesia itself. Thus, both consumers and sellers have many opportunities to buy and sell groceries more conveniently.

One of the most popular food delivery service providers is Shopee Food. As with similar platforms in general, if you want to sell goods at Shopee Food, you only need to register as a merchant or seller.

For Register Shopee Food being a seller is easy. Understand the terms and flow of registering online for Shopee Food here:

ShopeeFood Registration Requirements for Merchants

Before you register online for Shopee Food, you must first understand and meet the requirements needed so that the registration process can run quickly. Sellers at Shopee Food are divided into 2 types, namely individuals and legal entities. The following are the requirements for registering a Shopee food seller based on the type of business:

Shopee Food From Individual Business

  1. KTP (Resident Identity Card) or KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card)
  2. Taxpayer Entrepreneur Affirmation Letter (SPPKP)
  3. Photo of the front of the passbook
  4. Five powerful menu photos with dimensions of 720×720 pixels, JPG/JPEG/PNG format, and high resolution

Businesses That Have Been Registered In Legal Entities

  1. KTP or KITAS
  2. Trade Business License (SIUP) or Tourism Business Registration Certificate (TDUP)
  3. Company Registration Certificate (TDP) / Business Identification Number (NIB)
  4. Deed of Incorporation
  5. Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
  6. Photo of the front of the passbook
  7. Domicile certificate if the business location is outside Jakarta

How to Register Online Shopee Food as a Seller

Becoming a seller at Shopee Food is actually quite easy, you can come directly to the nearest Shopee office. However, to make it even more practical, you can do it online. The following is the Shopee Food registration flow that you must follow:

  1. After you have prepared all the requirements for the online shopee food list, if they are still in hard file form, then proceed with changing the requirements to a soft file by scanning or taking a large resolution photo.
  2. Then fill in the registration form.
  3. Fill in everything required in the provided fields and upload the required requirements
  4. Make sure the information you provide is correct and in accordance with your terms and conditions, then click the send button to send the file
  5. Furthermore, the Shopee Food team will contact you by telephone or registered mail within 3×24 hours on working days from the time you fill out the form.
  6. The Shopee Food team sends complete documents if what you send is still lacking or needs improvement
  7. The Shopee Food team also sent a Cooperation Agreement (PKS).
  8. Fill in the details on PKS then email back to Shopee Food via the email address provided
  9. Next, the Shopee team validates the data. If the submitted file is complete, it will be processed as a registrant
  10. If your registration is successful, the Shopee Food team will send a notification via email

Information that must be considered if you have registered

After submitting files and sending PKS, it doesn't mean you can immediately open a shop at Shopee Food, right? There are several things that must be considered in the registration process. Here are some things not to be missed:

  1. Make sure to always fill in and verify your email address after all files are sent because the Shopee team will confirm and direct the registration process via email
  2. If the file you submitted is incomplete, the Shopee Food team will ask for the completeness before the review process
  3. If your registration is successful, the Shopee team will contact you via email or phone at least 15-20 days after the customer center submission
  4. The Shopee Food team visited the store for training before starting sales on Shopee Food

How Shopee Food Works

Before you start selling on Shopee Food, it would be nice if you know the process or how Shopee Food works. So by the time you start selling, you already have a good understanding of the procedure. Here's the Shopee Food workflow:

  1. The process of ordering consumers through the Application
  2. The system will automatically send notifications to the seller and also contact the closest driver to the point of sale
  3. Next, the driver goes to the outlet to take consumer orders
  4. The seller prepares the order as specified in the application
  5. Drivers make payments to sellers in cash or non-cash
  6. The driver delivers the order to the consumer's address
  7. Consumers make payments to drivers in cash or non-cash
  8. At this point, the system automatically confirms that the order has been received and payment has been completed

Benefits of selling on Shopee Food

As a food and beverage business owner, using online services such as ShopeeFood certainly increases the possibility of getting bigger profits.

Terms of Registering ShopeeFood for Merchants

Not only that, this one platform offers several other benefits for business people in the food and beverage industry. Among them:

Merge Direct Shopee App

As we all know, the Shopee app is one of the most popular marketplaces in Indonesia for shopping and currently there are millions of active Shopee users who use ShopeeFood and this is one of the advantages for ShopeeFood merchants because their market reach is very large.

Easy Forms of Promotion

Of course, if you are registered as a retailer at ShopeeFood, you can more easily market your culinary products in an effective, simple, practical and inexpensive way.

Not to mention that ShopeeFood also offers advertising support whose impact has the potential to increase revenue due to its very wide market reach.

Supported By Many ShopeeFood Promos

Of course it's no stranger to ShopeeFood often giving merchant promos. And for you ShopeeFood users, of course you can also use promo vouchers provided by ShopeeFood to buy food and drinks.

The existence of this promo will certainly help increase your income as a trader because it offers attractive promos.

With a payment system that is easy, fast and of course can be withdrawn at any time, because the ShopeeFood work system runs online making it more flexible.

Interesting right? Have you registered your food or beverage business at ShopeeFood? If not, this time we will explain in full the requirements needed to register online for Shopee Food in terms of uploading photos of food or drinks to ShopeeFood for your business.

Menu Writing Terms at ShopeeFood

Of course, ShopeeFood has the power to filter the food and beverage menus sold by merchants. Following are some regulations regarding making food and beverage menus that can be sold at ShopeeFood.

Menu Writing Terms at ShopeeFood

  1. The naming of food and beverage menus must be in accordance with the original
  2. The writing of the menu name must be complete and not abbreviated
  3. It is not allowed to sell items that are included in the prohibited menu category. The following menus are prohibited:
    Rare or dangerous animal menu according to government law. (example: turtle, dog, bat, cat, snake)
    Menus that are not ready to be served, such as (Pre-Order Menu, Unlimited Buffet)
    Menus with profanity and profanity such as (pornography, swearing, etc.)
    Foods derived from pets cause problems such as doubts about cleanliness, such as: (dogs, cats, etc.).
    Menus that do not qualify as food or drinks, such as: (furniture, cigarettes and others).
    Menus that violate the ShopeeFood business model, such as: (unprocessed vegetables, micellar water, gallons of mineral water and others).
    Various types of drugs, including herbal medicines such as (herbal excrement and others).
    The titled menu has other big brand names like (KFC and others).
  4. Writing menu names may not use emoji characters and symbols
  5. When writing menu names, capital letters must be used at the beginning of each word, as well as the first letter when writing menu descriptions
  6. The spelling of menu names cannot be more than 100 characters to make it easier for customers to read the menus listed in the application
  7. In the menu, it is strictly forbidden to include cellphone numbers, restaurant locations, social media links for the availability of menu stock. Because the place for writing the menu is only for the menu, not for other writing
  8. When writing a menu of food items by weight in grams, such as crabs, prawns, scallops etc., it is expected that the weight and average price are included

Those are some of the provisions in writing food or drink menus that need to be considered by ShopeeFood merchants.

Provisions for logo photos, menu photos and banners at ShopeeFood

To ensure that the product photos you upload are approved by ShopeeFood, you must do the following:

  1. For menu photos, make sure they match the type of menu, with photos that are clear and not too bright
  2. The photo must contain an image of the entire menu
  3. Photos cannot have a watermark
  4. Photos do not contain elements of a particular person or object
  5. Photos must not contain any other restaurant branding or logos
  6. Photos may not contain prohibited menu types and be accompanied by vulgar and pornographic words


The following are questions and answers that we have collected regarding the discussion of the article that we have submitted above, see the information below:

How much does it cost to register for Shopee Food?

Free online registration for Shopee Food Merchant is free of charge.

How long does it take to create a Shopee Food account?

The maximum time required for this process is one month. Later, the Shopee Food team will contact you via WhatsApp number or email for further processing.

How many pieces are sold at Shopee Food

Like Gofood and Grabfood which also apply a commission discount for each transaction. Shopee Food, which began publishing in January 2021, implements a profit sharing system with 20% for Shopee Food and 80% for merchants.

Who pays Shopee fees?

Free Shipping or free shipping is a program that offers sellers the opportunity to offer free shipping specifically for buyers. Free shipping costs are borne by Shopee in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply, so there are no additional fees charged to the seller.


Shopee Food is one of the most popular food delivery service providers in Indonesia. Registering for Shopee food online as a seller is of course very easy, you only need to register as a merchant or seller. Sellers are divided into 2 types, namely individuals and legal entities.

If the submitted file is complete, it will be processed as a registrar. For more detailed information, please read the article that we have provided above, that's all we can convey, I hope the above information is useful.

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