Latest Rupiah Exchange Rate Against US Dollar – The rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar today, Thursday 1 April 2021. It is predicted that the rupiah exchange rate will still tend to be depressed on Thursday (4/1/2021) after being in the range of IDR 14,500 per US dollar. Based on Bloomberg data, the rupiah exchange rate on the spot market closed on Wednesday (31/2/2021) at 45 points or 0.31 % to a rate of IDR 14,525 per US dollar.

At that time, the US dollar index was seen falling 0.1 % or 0.09 point to a level of 93.207. Data published by Bank Indonesia the other day said that Jisdor's reference rate was at IDR 14,572 per US dollar, down 91 points or 0.63 % compared to Tuesday's position (30 March 2021) at IDR 14,481 per US dollar.

Garuda Berjangka TRFX Director Ibrahim Asjuangbi in his report explained that the high demand for corporate foreign exchange near the end of the quarter had also driven the movement of the rupiah.

The need for foreign currency (forex) at the end of this quarter is quite high considering the obligation to pay dividends, debt maturities, and other needs.

Rupiah Exchange “Lots of rupiah were released to be replaced with foreign currencies, especially US dollars. These erratic factors have caused the rupiah to decline," he said.

Ibrahim predicts that for trading on Thursday (4/1/2021) for the Rupiah Exchange, the rupiah will open fluctuate but will close again to decline in the range of 14,530-14,590 rupees.

Rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar. On the other hand, one of the most important aspects underlying the weakening of the rupiah is the positive trend of the US dollar. The greenback's strength is supported by accelerated US vaccinations and an expected special stimulus package, which is driving inflation expectations and boosting bond yields.

Meanwhile, the yield on 10-year US Treasury bonds rose to a 14-month high on Tuesday, one day before President Joe Biden outlines how his $ 3-4 trillion infrastructure plan will be funded.

It intends to open a US COVID vaccination program for 90 % American adults in the week following April 19. Rupiah exchange rate

The CB Conference Board's consumer confidence index rose to 109.7 on Tuesday in March, the highest level since COVID began. predictions was 96.9, while the index came in at 90.4 in February.

At that time, investors were waiting for the US employment report for March, taking into account the non-farm payroll this Friday. Investors will be watching the numbers closely after the Reserve Federation cited a weak job market on lingering caution on interest rates.

While the Fed's stance has improved the economic outlook, it has increased inflation worries. At that time, the idea of additional stimulants from the United States had a negative effect on the Indonesian market.

Rupiah exchange rate. He explained that the additional stimulant made the US economy better, faster than research predicted, so that it had an effect on rising inflation and yields on US bonds with a tenor of 10 years, which had an effect on the economies of developing countries such as Indonesia.


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