Pertamina Supports MSME Shoes Reaches IDR 200 Million - Pertamina supports MSMEs which support it as part of the cooperation program, even though it is in a virtual form due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Some of them are through online training, virtual exhibitions, and programs to help them move up in grades, such as the Pertamina UMKM Academy. Fastest track activity at the end of 2020.

This other accompaniment opportunity was put to good use by one of Pertamina's MSMEs, Irma Sofia. The owner of the domestic shoe and sandal industry is still new to Pertamina. However, not long after becoming a tutor at that time, he immediately received various benefits.

"In September which followed May 2020, we were screened and given the opportunity to take part in the Pertamina SMEXPO virtual exhibition. I really like it, have the opportunity to meet foreign buyers too.

Pertamina Supports UMKM

Recently, last November, there was an opportunity to join again. “Pertamina MSME High School,” he said in recorded information, Tuesday (23 March 2021).

He stated that his invention was more open at the MSME high school event. What else is related to product exports because it is counted in the Go Global class.

Sofia admits that she is ready to export her products, adding that she has subscribed to several of her products at several star hotels in Bogor. Besides that, its products are offered in almost all regions of the archipelago.

Pertamina supports MSME shoes

The decision to run the business came after Sofia decided to quit her initial job at a bank in 2015. With the contribution of 8 employees from neighbors around her residence in Dusun Pasir Eurih, Pupusgalih, Bogor Regency, she has brought her efforts to its current size.

"The changes after becoming Pertamina's guide were not big. I can add a lot of product stock later,” he said.

Now Sofia is starting to do a lot of product development. Apart from shoes and sandals, he makes various types of women's bags which are increasingly popular. He advertises his products through the use of social media @kndbagfashion and various market places. So far, Sofia has pocketed an income of up to Rp. 200 million per month.

"Before becoming Pertamina's leader, it was still around Rp. 150 million a month, so there has been a lot of progress," he said.

Agus Suprijanto, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations at Pertamina, added that Pertamina will provide support for increasing domestic products. MSMEs are further enhanced with mentoring programs GoDigital, Go Present, Go Online, and Go Global.

"We are confident that the accompanists will be able to increase, improve and implement ESG in the social sector and SGGs point 8 by helping the environment and providing support for economic development," he said.

In addition, Eko Kristiawan, Head of Marketing Regional Relations and CSR of Pertamina West Java, added that Pertamina will continue to provide support for increasing cultural products in the West Java region, for example in the domestic shoes and sandals industry, Irma Sofia.

So, Pertamina's shoe MSME coaches reach IDR 200 million per month. "Pertamina's cooperation program has the goal of moving the people's economy by moving small and micro business actors to develop and be independent," he said. The conditions for joining Pertamina as a care partner can be seen at


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