Fortuner Innova PPnBM discount – Fortuner Innova gets a PPnBM discount, the price drops to IDR 80 million. Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati explained that the discount on the Exclusive Goods Marketing Tax (PPnBM) for motorcycles with a transition of more than 1,500 to 2,500 cc will take effect from April 2021.

Thus, the price of a 4-wheeled vehicle has 1,500 cc so 2,500 cc will decrease. Some of these cars are like Innova to Fortuner.

Sri Mulyani explained, her faction is currently finalizing the Regulations of the Minister of Finance (PMK) which will control the granting of PPnBM discounts for motorbikes measuring over 1,500 to 2,500 cc.

"Right now the 2,500 cc is in the process of finalizing the PMK which will be implemented next April. Especially for 1,500 to 2,500 cc, it will be published after the PMK is ready," said Sri Mulyani. State Budget March 2021 edition, Tuesday (23/3/2021).

Sri Mulyani asked that starting April to reduce car prices

At present the PPnBM relaxation is taking place in stages, namely 0% from March to May, then with PPnBM in the amount of 50% from June to August and finally with PPnBM from 25% from the end of September to November. This provision applies to 4-wheeled vehicles weighing less than 1,500 ccm.

The idea of giving stimulants in the form of PPnBM deductions for vehicles having up to 2,500 cc came from President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). The former Governor of DKI Jakarta wants motorbikes with 2,500 cc like the Fortuner to receive tax stimulants even during an epidemic.

The requirements are the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) minimum 70%. It should be noted that vehicles from the Toyota Fortuner and Innova already have TKDN of more than 70%.

In Government Provisions Number 41 of 2013 concerning Taxable Exclusive Goods in the Form of Motorized Vehicles Subject to Marketing Tax on Exclusive Goods.

Fortuner Innova gets a PPnBM discount, the price drops to IDR 80 million. Fortuner and Innova are loaded in 4×2 vehicles with a capacity of less than 2,500 cc which are subject to PPnBM 20%. Fortuner 4×4 is subject to a PPnBM fee of 40%.

If you watch the replication, the selling price of the Fortuner can drop to Rp. 80 million and the price of the Innova is Rp. 53 million. Here's the replication:

Taking the example of the Fortuner 4×2 2.4 GM / T Diesel, which is currently being marketed at IDR 512,000,000 (OTR Jakarta), the Selling Value of Motorized Vehicles (NJKB) 4×2 2.4 GM / T Diesel will become Permendagri No. 1 in 2021 at a price of IDR 382,000,000 coefficients are weighted. of 1.050, therefore the following is the calculation:

= (NJKB x weight coefficient) x 20% PPnBM value

= (Rp 382,000,000 x 1,050) x 20%

= IDR 80,220,000

In general, the OTR price includes PPnBM. If 0 % PPnBM is removed, how much is the discounted price?

The OTR price is reduced by the PPnBM range

= IDR 512,000,000 – IDR 80,220,000
= IDR 431,780,000

For Innova, take the example of the Innova M / T Gasoline which is currently marketed at IDR 342,400,000. Selling Value of Diesel Motorized Vehicles (NJKB) Innova 2.0 M / T from Permendagri No. one year 2021 found an amount of IDR 382,000,000 and a weight coefficient of 1,050. The following is then calculated:

= (NJKB x weight coefficient) x 20% PPnBM value

= (Rp 256,000,000 x 1,050) x 20%

= IDR 53,760,000

How much is the price reduction for Innova M / T if there is no PPnBM 0 %?

IDR 342,400,000 – IDR 53,760,000 = 288,640,000

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