Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs Increase Subsector - The Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs is ready to increase the MSME Sub-sector which makes and summarizes the roadmap for increasing MSMEs in the future. The idea of SMEs is reviewed in the Barisan Dialogue Community (REA) which includes several related factions. The realization was carried out by representatives of SMEs, KemenkopUKM and Smesco Indonesia in Jakarta.

Teten Masduki sees MSMEs need to make a lot of changes in order to be promoted. He said, the design of MSMEs in the future will have several features, including technological knowledge, added value, destination market, market recognition and transformation and development capabilities.

In addition, Teten announced that the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs is making the idea of building MSMEs in the future in several steps. He continued, tomorrow's four MSME sub-sectors are being prepared, namely future mobilization, tomorrow's food, tomorrow's fashion, and tomorrow's craft.

"The special key for MSMEs to be able to compete tomorrow is mastery of technology, innovative and disruptive development," said Teten in his recorded information, Monday (22 March 2021).

Teten added that his faction is trying to create a basis to help MSMEs become more competitive in the future. At that time, Fiki Satari, Special Staff for the Innovative Industry Sector, explained that MSME actors were always encouraged to always adapt and change into business entities that were able to compete and survive to grow positively in the midst of crisis and epidemics.

ministry of cooperatives and SMEs

Therefore, he views the considerations and suggestions from various related factions as important in summarizing the MSME roadmap ahead.

Besides that, Fiki explained that the implementation of this REA collects and considers several ideas to make the best basis and side with the support needs MSME. He hopes that because of this REA, academic documents or white papers can be detected through an action plan.

The Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, “It is important for us to recognize the strength of MSMEs in the future considering the current developing situation. The government needs to prepare several steps that can be taken to create MSMEs tomorrow," said Fiki.

Fiki said that the landscape of MSMEs in Indonesia in the future could be improved. From the beginning it was controlled by small businesses, turning into the supremacy of small and medium enterprises.

He views that MSMEs will be research-based so that MSMEs can get the right information about the businesses being driven.

"The character of tomorrow's MSMEs that we are aiming for is near technology, value creation, market-driven, market-driven, market insight, and recognizing change and innovation," he said.

On the same occasion, Leonard Theosabrata, President Director of Smesco Indonesia explained that his faction had initiated tomorrow's MSMEs since 2020 by highlighting four sub-sectors. This includes tomorrow's mobilization, tomorrow's food, tomorrow's model, and tomorrow's craft.

"Smesco Indonesia has prepared research together with residents to help achieve that direction by creating a module that can be replicated by Indonesian MSMEs," said Leonard.


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