The price of expensive black rice in Demak is IDR 40,000 per kg – Do you know the price of black rice? Black rice is a type of rice from Oryza Sativa L, it's one of the most expensive when marketed at up to IDR 40,000 per kilogram. Black rice was called forbidden rice throughout the Chinese Empire because it was only consumed by certain people such as emperors. However, ordinary people nowadays can enjoy rice which has many benefits.

It is not surprising that the residents of the city of M Trainharjo, Gajah Area, Demak Rule, Main Java, also spread this Black Rice, because it has a high selling value, consisting of Herry Sugiartono.

Tony, Chief Multipurpose Cooperative (KSU) Citra Kinaraya, said that black rice is one of the most lucrative agricultural commodities from a financial point of view and has the opportunity to be developed. This is because black rice varies from white, red or sticky rice which is consumed by the general public.

“There are actually some foods on this planet right? Black rice is a superfood, namely food that contains health ingredients. Simply put, our black rice is not yet popular among the public, but marketplaces have started to emerge. for that, ”Tono said to detikcom while exploring UMKM for some time.

The Price of Black Rice is Expensive

After that, according to him, market prices also tend to be higher than rice in general. This is due to the lower carbohydrate content compared to other rice, and the longer planting time also means that this rice has a high selling value.

"Black rice is one of the most expensive (when marketed) up to IDR 40,000 / kg. If Rp. 20,000 is pure white rice, the price of brown rice varies between 20, 22 and 25 depending on the seller," he explained.

He also revealed, when compared to white rice and brown rice, the age of black rice tends to be longer when it is harvested. Harvesting black rice takes 120 to 140 days. Currently, white rice only lasts 90 days. In addition, the grains of black rice are much less compared to white rice.

"So because we are in a country with the same location between the white and black rice yields, the quantity produced tends to vary," he said.

During the pandemic the price of black rice was expensive. The development of the UMKM Demak population 13%. Black rice produced by Herry at KSU Citra Kinaraya is known as semi-organic rice because it still uses plant-based food ingredients when it is planted. "But we cut the portion and try natural therapy.

If we claim natural black rice price expensive is also a challenge because it needs land accreditation even though it can't,” he said.

For information, the Multipurpose Cooperative Farmer Company (KSU) Citra Kinaraya has up to 126 participants in a location of 280 hectares of agricultural land. On 1 hectare of land, farmers can collect 6-7 loads every 3 months.

This cooperative is also a cooperative financed by the institution finance BRI. The story of black rice in this cooperative is included in a collection of fairy tales as a component of the multi-region MSME expedition program in Indonesia.

Black Rice in Demak

The UMKM expedition program discusses various aspects of people's lives and reads the potential that exists in the area. Further information can be seen at Cruisumkmbri.


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