MSMEs Participate in Shopee Exports Check in full here – Check out information about MSMEs taking part in shopee exports, a program that helps vendors, especially MSME gamers, to market their goods abroad through the program Shopee export.

This program allows vendors to easily sell their goods abroad and grow their business without being charged anything. After that, how do you join the Shopee Export program?

MSMEs participate in the shopee export program, and 3 Limits for the export of MSME goods. Thursday (25 February 2021), this program can only be complied with by selected vendors.

If the seller's shop meets the criteria, a notification is received that the seller's shop has registered with the program.

In addition, selected vendors can register in the application in the “Shop Update” food option on the “My Shop” web page.

The criteria that must be met if you want to take part in this program are that the store must match at least 1 energetic item with a minimum stock of 1 item, the store is energetic and has received orders in the last 7 days.

The store has built a cost factor far less than the 3 factor and the store sells items that are off the list of items put together for sale overseas.
In addition, various other requirements are given to salesmen in the health and fitness and grooming category.

You must have a BPOM license for the goods being sold, there are no unusual orders beforehand, and the shop must activate the JNE Routine (cashless), J&T Express, SiCepat Regular, and ID Express shipping solutions.
Until now, orders from the Shopee export program have come from Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Indonesia Exports Processed Chicken Products to Qatar

Items that are not allowed to be sold overseas under this program are furniture, growing seeds, shelter, vaporizers and equipment, tools and equipment, used cosmetics, raw food, contact lenses, alcoholic beverages and many others.

MSMEs Participate in Shopee Exports

There is no fee for vendors in this program. Since shipping costs are borne by the buyer, all the vendor needs to do is send the purchase to the Shopee storage facility.

To set the price of goods in this program, group Shopee changing prices displayed in overseas vendor shops into national currency, consisting of postage and various other fees.

Under the terms of the Job Development Act that was acquired, processing MSME permits only takes 2-3 hours.


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