How to Start a Business During a Pandemic By Holy Drums – In this article, we will provide ways to start a business during a pandemic, because it's not impossible if you want to start one. Monday 2 March 2020 is the official first day when the COVID-19 case was announced in Indonesia. The government also acted quickly to prevent the spread.

One of them is the implementation of the PSBB, as long as the PSBB has a sizeable impact on the Indonesian economy. Many companies start business during a pandemic. Unlike the others, Holy Drums was released and founded the company in mid 2020.

Starting from the PSBB which forced people to stay at home, they often ordered food online. Then came the idea to learn how to cook, because during a pandemic, the cleanliness of homemade food is more guaranteed.

Who would have thought that the idea of learning to cook would bring satisfying results to those closest to you? Several relatives asked to open PO (Free Order) because it is liked and according to taste.

Besides that, starting a business during a pandemic is not impossible. Holy Drums continues to try its best by presenting a unique burger menu. This uniqueness is because the Holy Drums Burger is a jumbo burger.

How to Start a Business During a Pandemic

Since it is impossible to open a new restaurant during a pandemic like that, Holy Drums also did a trick with the cloud kitchen concept in a restaurant that has been operated by PIK, namely T2 Taiwanese, so that it can continue to serve. customers who want to eat Holy Drums in person.

How To Start A Business By Holy Drums

But what are the advantages of Holy Drums that set it apart from the rest?

Made With love

All chicken processed by Holy Drum goes through a homemade manufacturing process. Each chicken is pre-marinated in buttermilk for 24 hours and uses 20 spices and seasonings so that the resulting meat structure is soft and all the seasonings are easily absorbed by the chicken.

Size signature Super JUMBO burger

Based on the frustration of the creators of Holy Drums, who saw a photo of a burger advertisement that looked big and appetizing, but apparently the burger received did not match the promotional photo. It's like meeting the opposite sex in a dating app that's super exciting, but when I met you, it was pretty tough. Very disappointed of course!

Because of that, Holy Drums released a jumbo-sized burger that certainly doesn't look any different from the photo. The delicious taste of Holy Drums combined with its size guarantees that those of you who eat it will be satisfied with Polll and will not be disappointed. You can get this jumbo burger starting at IDR 60,000.

It really makes you curious about what it tastes like, what are you waiting for, just order Holy Drums because it's now available through Go-Food and GrabFood! You can also follow the Holy Drums account on Instagram @holy_drums so you don't miss the latest Holy Drums updates.

For those who want to try the Holy Drum, there is also the T2 Taiwanese Tea and Coffee Restaurant, Ruko Cordoba Blok D No. 12. Beautiful Kapuk Beach. With operating hours starting at 08: 00-22: 00 WIB.


The following is a question and answer session:

Home Business Recommendations That Sell

Many people who become home-based businesses can be successful in making big profits, here are examples of home-based businesses that can make you profitable:

  1. Open Pertamina
  2. Open a Kilo Laundry Service
  3. Food stalls
  4. Selling Various Snacks
  5. Ornamental Fish Cultivation
  6. Make a Motor Washing Service
  7. Receive Cooking Course Services.

How to start a business from scratch?

Most of course start a business from scratch, but there are indeed some risks that you might face at the start of building a business, if you want to start a business there is some information that you should read below.

  1. Define Product
  2. Arrange Plans and Vision Mission
  3. Prepare Capital
  4. Diligent Notes
  5. Do not be afraid to fail
  6. Focus on One Business First
  7. Keep learning
  8. Discipline
  9. Manage Finances


Thus the article that we have submitted above, we hope that this information can be useful and can get new insights and knowledge, we recommend it for those of you who want to read other latest information please visit our site, that's all and thank you.

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