ShopeePay SME Business During the Pandemic – Due to the pandemic, ShopeePay's SMEs sent the “Environmental Business Spirit” (program) to empower small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to heal themselves from monetary collapse,” said ShopeePay, principal trading chief trader, Eka Nilam.

In disturbed conditions such as the Covid-19 pandemic, financial specialists, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), require contributions and coordinated efforts from other face-to-face meetings.

Plus, SMEs are the backbone of the economy. Based on 2021 Ministry of Cooperatives (Kemenkop) UKM data, miniature, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) contributed 57% to the overall national output (GDP) of residents in December 2020.

Even so, the Covid-19 pandemic has really limited access to MSME consumers. Because of this, there was a reduction in the wages of MSME organizations.

Over the past three months, ShopeePay has become the most used great wallet. Through the closest business partner, ShopeePay launched a 60% % cashback program. The program wanted options to further advance computerized audience transitions between dealers.

With countless computerized transitions, SMEs are increasing knowledge in culinary concentrations (food courts), corners and booths to reach a large number of loyal customers.

ShopeePay SME business

Regardless of what consumers have used ShopeePay can finish at UKM shops in food courts throughout Indonesia.

The closest thing to a business spirit is the strong development besides fair monetary reasons initiated by the Indonesian government.

This program fits the spirit of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) at the National Arrangement Meeting (Rakornas) for the Regional Team for the Acceleration of Financial Access (TPAKD) in December 2020.

For the implementation of the Local Business Spirit program, initially it was arranged in Medan City, North Sumatra (North Sumatra). Why Medan?

The aim is that Medan is probably the largest city in Indonesia, which is called a business community on the island of Sumatra.

In Medan, ShopeePay's SME business works together with environmental networks and brings this program (Spirit of Local Business) to four food courts, namely Pasar Malam Medan, Pasar Raya Rakyat Marelan, Mega Park Medan, and Pasar Jalan Metrolink.

To get the 60 % cashback offer, Medan City individuals can buy drinks or food at participating food courts and pay with ShopeePay.

In line with that, we are trying to update the environmental economic changes through the digital transition and enable traders and consumers throughout Indonesia.

To appreciate the promo, you can take the Shopee program for free from Apple Stores or the Google Play Store.


So how, do you want to try this new thing? Don't forget to visit our website to get more information, thank you.

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