What is Online Single Submission (OSS) and How to Access it

Rancakmedia.com – For those of you who have a business or have just set up a business, you need to understand what Online Single Submission (OSS) is, namely an electronically integrated business licensing system or commonly called OSS.

Last year as the implementation of the Job Creation Law and improvement of the business licensing system in Indonesia, the government through the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) finally officially implemented a risk-based Online Single Submission (OSS) or Risk Based Approach (RBA). The OSS RBA is of course different from the previous OSS Version 1.1 system.

What is Online Single Submission (OSS) RBA

OSS RBA is a business licensing system that is managed and administered by the OSS Institute for the implementation of risk-based business licensing (business licenses are granted based on the level of risk/potential loss due to hazards or a combination of possible and consequential losses from business activities).

What is Online Single Submission (OSS) RBA

Furthermore, business permits will be issued by the OSS agency for and on behalf of ministers, heads of institutions, governors, regents or mayors, administrators of special economic zones, and heads of KPBPB concession bodies to business actors through an electronic system.

Business Licensing at OSS RBA

After the implementation of the OSS RBA, business actors who are just about to start and carry out business activities are now required to fulfill:

  1. Basic requirements for business permits (including suitability for space utilization activities, environmental approvals, building approvals, and certificates of proper function)
  2. Risk-based business licensing is carried out based on the determination of the risk level and rating of the scale of business activities (consisting of MSMEs or large businesses)

The implementation of the intended risk level determination is carried out through:

  1. Identification of business activities
  2. Assessment of hazard level (aspects of health, safety, environment, and/or utilization and management of resources)
  3. Assessment of the potential for hazard occurrence (carried out by taking into account the type of business activity, criteria for business activity, location of business activity, limited resources, and/or risk of volatility)
  4. Determination of the level of risk and rating of business scale (obtained based on an assessment of the level of hazard and potential for hazard)
  5. Determination of the type of business license

Risk Level in OSS RBA

Based on the above assessment, business activities will then be classified into:

  1. Business activities with a low level of risk
  2. Business activities with a medium-low risk level
  3. Business activities with a medium to high risk level
  4. Business activities with a high level of risk

For information, the level of this risk will determine the type of business license required by the business actor. Business licenses for business activities with a minimum level of risk in the form of NIB which can be used as business actor identification and legality for conducting business activities.

According to the BKPM website, NIB can also refer to the following:

  1. Import Identification Number
  2. Customs access rights
  3. Registration of participation of business actors for health social security and employment social security
  4. Compulsory employment report for the first period of business actors
  5. For business activities with a medium risk level, permits are in the form of NIB and standard certificates, while for high risk levels, business permits are in the form of NIB and permits. The license in question is an approval from the government/regional government for the implementation of business activities that must be fulfilled by business actors before carrying out their business activities

Business Sector

Article 6 PP No. 5 of 2021 states that RBA OSS can be used to administer business licenses covering the following areas:

  1. Maritime and fisheries
  2. Agriculture
  3. Environmental and forestry
  4. Energy and Mineral Resources
  5. nuclear power
  6. Industry
  7. Trading
  8. Public works and public housing
  9. Transportation
  10. Health, medicine and food
  11. Education and culture
  12. Tourist
  13. Religious
  14. Postal, telecommunications, broadcasting, and electronic systems and transactions
  15. Defense and security
  16. employment

How to Access OSS RBA

To use OSS RBA, businesses must first register and create an account. Next, the business actor must fill out the registration form and complete the important details.

The OSS system will then send an email to the OSS account owner asking them to verify their identity. A temporary user ID and password will be sent in a verification email and can be used by business actors to access the OSS system.

After successfully logging in, business actors can start accessing OSS and filling in data to get a Business Identification Number (NIB).

Business actors can also proceed with the following procedure, namely submitting an application to obtain the necessary permits along with their pledges.

Apart from submitting new applications, OSS can also be used by business actors to extend business permit existing company, create a business, change or update company data.


Below is the information that we have added regarding questions and answers related to the article above.

What are the Benefits of OSS?

OSS is used in obtaining business licenses by economic actors with the following characteristics: In the form of a company or individual; micro, small, medium and large companies; Individual companies/business units, both newly formed and before OSS operates.

How to Use OSS

To be able to access the OSS system, business actors must have access rights. Here are steps to consider:

  1. Enter the OSS page, please click this link.
  2. After opening the page, click the Register/Login button. After that, click the Register button.
  3. The registration page opens. You will be asked to enter data, for example the identification number/NIK for individuals, and the number of validation of the establishment instrument or identification number for non-individuals.
  4. After all the data is complete, enter the available Captcha and click Submit.
  5. You will receive an OSS account confirmation email. Click the Activation button.
  6. You will then receive another email with the username and password sent by the system.
  7. Re-access the page above, then click the Register/Login button and select Login.
  8. Once you are able to log in to your account, the next step is to familiarize yourself with the advanced details of getting the NIB.

Who Makes OSS

As is known, the OSS system was created by the government to reduce bureaucratic problems in obtaining complicated and time-consuming permits.

What Does the Risk-Based OSS System See?

The Risk-Based Online Single Submission Approach (OSS-RBA) is a business license granted to economic actors to start and run their business activities which are assessed based on the risks of business activities.


OSS RBA is a business licensing system that is managed and administered by the OSS Institute for the implementation of risk-based business licensing (business licenses are granted based on the level of risk/potential loss due to hazards or a combination of possible and consequential losses from business activities).

Thus the article about What is Online Single Submission (OSS), and How to Access. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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