JSM Alfamart Catalog Promo 27 – 29 May 2022, Shop Now

Rancakmedia.com – Many people are eyeing promos, here are the JSM catalog promos Alfamart period 27 – 29 May 2022 which you can use to shop at the end of the month.

This promo provides a variety of products, ranging from kitchen needs, body care, to basic needs for children which can be purchased at very low prices.

That's why many are interested in this promo. Without a doubt, because it can speed up the buying process. Also, don't be fooled by discount offers.

Today's JSM Alfamart Catalog Promo

The savings provided by Alfamart usually make clients feel helped. Especially at the end of the month. This weekend, you can get various kinds of discounts on your daily necessities.

Today's JSM Alfamart Catalog Promo

Several promo categories for various products in the JSM Alfamart promo catalog today are as follows:

  1. Basic needs such as oil, rice, kitchen needs and so on.
  2. Soap needs, there is laundry soap, mop soap, dishwashing soap, bath soap and many others.
  3. Body care such as deodorant, face wash, hand and body lotion, and so on.
  4. Mineral packaged drinks, tea, packaged milk and powdered milk, and others.
  5. Instant noodles such as Sedaap noodles in various flavors.
  6. Baby needs such as diapers and baby wipes.
  7. A variety of both local and imported vegetables and fruits.
  8. Other needs such as cheese, chocolate, snacks, and other necessities are also being hunted by many people.

Information about discounted products can be seen in more detail if you visit Alfamart directly. You will be able to see exactly which products are featured in the discount catalog this way.

On weekends, you can take advantage of special promos that lower rates even more. It's enough to visit the local Alfamart in your city if you want to enjoy the discount promo.

By using the Alfagift application, you can buy many Alfamart promo products online besides those that can be purchased offline.

No need to worry about buying online because the products you buy will be sent on the same day with a maximum order of up to 19.00.

JSM Alfamart Promo Info Only 3 Days

Many consumers experience problems when they want to obtain the products offered at Alfamart. One of them is because the product purchased was originally sold out and was being wholesaled by someone.

Another problem is the lack of speed in obtaining information about Alfamart JSM promotions latest edition.

By obtaining product information driven immediately. This can reduce shopping time because the product to be purchased can be documented in advance.

So that in the morning you can shop directly at the local Alfamart. So, if you are interested in knowing more about the JSM Alfamart promo, here are some choices:

Alfamart home page. Naturally, if a retail shop company in Indonesia has an official website. On the official Alfamart website, you can find a lot of information about Alfamart.

Information about various promotions, such as the current jsm alfamart promo, can be found here, starting from the weekly catalog to what you're looking for right now.

Come directly to Alfamart. For this one, maybe you can do that if you can't find the promo information you're looking for on the official website.

By going directly to the local Alfamart, you can ask about the latest active promos. Catalogs and promotional items are often placed near the checkout.

JSM Alfamart Promo Catalog 27 – 29 May 2022

For those of you who are curious about the latest promo details from Alfamart this weekend. The following is a photo of the JSM Alfamart promo this weekend which you can see directly through the official website alfamartku.com

JSM Alfamart Promo Info Only 3 Days

Payment Method at Alfamart

You can also enjoy JSM Alfamart weekend promos and make payments with ShopeePay, BNI Credit Cards, GoPay, OCBC NISP Credit Cards, and you also have the opportunity to get discounts or additional discounts. The terms and conditions are as follows:

Payment Via ShopeePay:

  1. A minimum amount of IDR 10,000 is the minimum.
  2. 1 item/receipt/transaction, maximum 5 periods/transaction (not including cigarettes and baby milk under 1 year old)
  3. Especially for cashback 1 period / transaction
  4. Alfagift does not accept ShopeePay.

Payment Via GoPay:

  1. With a minimum spending of IDR 10,000
  2. 1 item/receipt/transaction (not including cigarettes and baby milk under 1 year old)
  3. GoPay payments do not apply within Alfagift

Payment by BNI Credit Card:

  1. Valid for BNI Credit Cards (except BNI Silver, IB Hasanah, Co Branding, Corporate, Garuda Co Branding)
  2. Except for JSM BNI products, a minimum transaction of IDR 150,000 per receipt.
  3. Only valid on the island of Java
  4. Multiples are exempt from this rule.

Payment by OCBC NISP Credit Card:

  1. By using an OCBC NISP Platinum or Titanium Credit Card
  2. Each receipt must have a minimum transaction of IDR 100,000.
  3. Does not apply to multiples

You can choose one of the payment options above, you can save more on your purchase. Make sure you read the terms and conditions first so you can enjoy additional discounts. Don't forget to study the catalog to find out what products are currently on sale.

Tips for Shopping with the JSM Alfamart Promo Catalog

If you don't read the catalog thoroughly, it could be that the product you bought wasn't in the catalog and didn't get the discount it deserves, so you're not saving any money.

After reading the latest catalog from Alfamart, immediately make a note of what items you want to buy and what you really need.

After that, immediately head to the nearest Alfamart to get the items you want to buy. Don't run out of items or have to wait for discount offers at a later time.


In the article above, we have provided a JSM Alfamart catalog promo, and we also provide payment methods at Alfamart.

Thus the article about the JSM Alfamart Catalog Promo 27 – 29 May 2022, Shop Now. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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